Wetherspoon accused of using Lithuanian national symbol for pub sign

Wetherspoon boss Tim Martin was beaten up by Lithuanians who accused the pub chain of using their national symbol on a pub sign.

The sign outside the Chevalier Inn in Exeter, Devon, is said to be a “mirror image” of the coat of arms of Lithuania.

The shield shows an image of the Lithuanian knight Vytis (pronounced Vee-tiss) on horseback, which is almost identical to the image on the country’s coat of arms.

A YouTube video was created calling on Lithuanians to fight back, shown on the sign outside The Chevalier Inn, accompanied by a rousing rendition of the Lithuanian national anthem.

The YouTube video is titled: Nuvogtas mūsų Vytis, which translates as “Our Vytis was stolen”.

Below the video is a message that translates as: “If you care about our national symbol, let’s fight it together, let’s not give our national symbols to others.

“Are we going to give away our national symbols? ….. Let’s save our flag together !!! If your own state gives up its national symbols, it is already a statehood and is like a simple prostitute.”

The Chevalier shield was put up by Wetherspoons who backed it in 2009 owned by Brexit, which Tim Martin backed.

The Freihaus was named after a pub in the same location that was destroyed in May 1942 during the bombing of World War II.

A Wetherspoon spokesman said: “The Chevalier Inn has been open since 2009.

“The pub has a similar name to a former pub on the same site that was destroyed in World War II.

“The image on the sign was chosen to reflect the name of the pub. We will examine concerns about the resemblance to the Lithuanian national coat of arms after being made aware of this. “


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