Wetherspoons barmaid joins a circus working as a 'pickled person' squeezing into bottles

A barmaid from Wetherspoons got a second job at the circus, working as a “pickled person” – where she presses her whole body into a bottle.

Jade Morgan will trade water bottles to climb inside at her local pub in Dudley, West Mids during her free time.

The 22-year-old applied to the Circus of Horrors after discovering a vacancy for an inserted person among the former British Got Talent finalists.

Applicants were told to “be flexible” and “not be claustrophobic” and to prove that they could fit in a 0.6 m high and 45 cm wide container.

Jade trained by squeezing herself into small spaces like a laundry basket, closets, and even a washing machine at home to practice for her audition.

And Jade – a fan of the Circus of Horrors since her mom took her to the show when she was 14 – loved it when she recently got the job for £ 400 a week.

Jade said, “It was my lifelong dream to be in the Circus of Horrors and I finally got the bottle to contact her about getting the job.

“It was a little scary at first, but I got my mom to squeeze me into tight spaces to practice, like laundry baskets and closets. It gets easier every time, but it was a lot of work in the beginning.

In her spare time, Jade Morgan swaps watering bottles for boarding them

“I really enjoy my job at Wetherspoons and I am grateful to my bosses for giving me time to run away with the circus. Having just finished a number of Halloween shows, I’m really looking forward to being in my hometown this week to perform. “

John Haze, director of Circus of Horrors, said, “Jade is the perfect bottle blonde to become a pickled person and the act is always a crowd-pleaser.”

A barmaid from Wetherspoons joins a circus

Jade will appear on Tuesday (November 16) at the Circus of Horrors for his appearance at the KKS steel mill in Wolverhampton.

The show then continues its tour of the UK. For details visit: www.circusofhorrors.co.uk.


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