Wetherspoons pub accused of 'awful sexist behaviour' after top row

Reviews of a pub in Reading have been banned from Tripadvisor following criticism of a recent incident.

Two girls, aged 20, were forced to leave for “improper clothing.”

Tripadvisor suspended reviews of the Back of Beyond on Kings Road after “receiving an influx of reviews that do not describe a first-hand experience”. Berkshire Live Reports.

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Mollie Wood and her friend had gone to the pub on Sunday June 13 with no problems. But before they sat down, they were told that their tops and mini-skirts were inappropriate and that they would not be served.

They claim they were told their outfits were comparable to those of a shirtless man who would not be served in the facility.

Tripadvisor had to move to stop reviews of the pub.

Mollie posted an outraged video on TikTok, which has now had more than 300,000 views, saying, “Why are breasts so over-sexualized? We were allowed to wear it on Tuesday, but not in 26 degrees heat. “

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One review said: “Two girls kicked out for wearing short tops and compared them to ‘shirtless men’ – terrible sexist behavior. Stop sexualizing girls’ breasts.”

Another said: “Monitoring women’s clothing is unacceptable, the choice to sexualize women and herd them like cattle is also unacceptable.

“Another item for the list of Wetherspoon excuses to be made.

Mollie had previously worn the top in the Wetherspoons and was not questioned by the staff

The various reviews that remain on the website are a mixture. One complains about the poor customer service, another calls it “the best pub in Reading”.

Another unsatisfied customer said he wished I could give zero points.

JD Wetherspoon sticks to the management of the pub. A spokesman said: “Two female customers visited the Back of Beyond pub in Reading at around 7:40 pm on Sunday evening.

“Shortly after entering, customers were politely asked to leave the pub, as their clothing in this particular case did not comply with the company’s instructions for the pubs regarding appropriate customer clothing, as verified by the pub’s management team.

“What can be considered appropriate clothing is always a matter of individual judgment, and although the two customers were not offensive when asked to leave the pub, in this case we support the approach of the pub’s management team.”

The pub was contacted but the staff declined to comment.


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