What Bernie Sanders Could Do as Secretary of Labor

Progressives Should Support Biden Now but Be Ready to Push Later

Bernie Sander’s greatest strength has always been his determination to push the boundaries of our politics. The fact that he is currently considering joining the government of President-elect Joe Biden as Secretary of Labor is the latest example of his willingness to think outside the box.

The Vermont Senator’s interest in the position has been an open secret for weeks. He is now said“If I had a portfolio that I could stand up with and fight for working families, would I? Yes I would.”

The prospect that he could take over the Department of Labor is just that: a prospect. The two-time presidential candidate put things into perspective when he told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, “What is true, I want to do everything I can to protect the country’s working families who are currently in dire straits.” Whether it’s in the Senate, whether it’s in the Biden administration, who knows. ” As Sanders says“Well, let’s see how that turns out.”

There are good arguments for Sanders staying in the Senate, where he used his platform to fight for everything Health insurance for everyone to Net neutrality to a humane foreign policy. He put together an exceptional staff that made his office work an important entry point for activists on issues of economic, social and racial justice as well the climate crisis.

It is also about the delicate balance of the chamber. Republicans could lose their Senate majority if Georgia voters elect Democrats Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock on Jan. 5. With two more Democratic seats, the Senate would be split 50:50 so that the new Vice President Kamala Harris could tip the balance in favor of the new President’s party. The idea of ​​removing a member of the Senate Democratic caucus is understandably worrying – even if Vermont Republican Governor Phil Scott, has signaled that he would fill a position with an independent who would meet with the Democrats.



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