What can we expect at the September 14 Apple event?

There are still days left apples new ones iPhone series launch, an event technology enthusiasts expect every September.

Apple holds its annual event on Tuesday, September 14 where the new introduces iPhone models. Just like last year, the event will be fully digital again this year. We’ve been hearing rumors about what’s going to happen for months, now we’re only 3 days away to see if these rumors are true. So what products are being introduced?

iPhone 13, Apple Watch 7, AirPods 3 and more are waiting for us

At the event we expect new Apple Watch bands and iPhone cases, as well as the new iPhone 13 models and Apple Watch Series 7 models. We may also see AirPods 3. However, this event could focus more on the iPhone, as there are rumors that Apple will hold multiple events in the coming months to unveil the new iPad and M1X MacBooks.

In this article, we’ll share with you the data we’ve heard so far.

iPhone 13

Apple will launch four iPhones in 2021, including the 5.4-inch iPhone 13 mini, 6.1-inch iPhone 13, 6.1-inch iPhone 13 Pro and 6.7-inch iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The iPhone 13 models will be nearly identical to the iPhone 12 models, with a few design changes. However, newer models may have slightly thicker housings. There are rumors that a darker graphite gray shade and bronze color is in the series, with new colors expected as well. The Pink or Rose Gold color of the phone in the previous series has not been confirmed like other colors.

Rumor has it that the power button, mute button and volume buttons may be slightly smaller. Some of the biggest design changes to the phone come to the camera. The iPhone 13 Pro will have a bigger camera bump, and the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 have diagonally placed lenses.

The expectation that the notch will get a little smaller every year, starting with the iPhone X model, is expected by everyone this year. We’ll see together how Apple will respond to these expectations.

The iPhone 13 Pro models would have a 120Hz ProMotion display to align the iPhone with the iPad Pro. This is made possible by the new low-power LTPO backplane technology that could also facilitate the always-on display feature on current Apple Watch models.

iPhone 13 models will feature a 5-nanometer A15 processor and, like any new A-series processor, is expected to deliver faster performance and efficiency gains that will extend battery life.

Qualcomm’s X60 modem delivers better 5G coverage with faster 5G connection speeds, and Apple is expected to bring super-fast mmWave connectivity to more countries. In Wi-Fi, another side of wireless technology, all iPhone 13 models can support Wi-Fi 6E certification.

Rumors are circulating that Apple is using bigger batteries overall iPhone 13 models that can offer longer battery life. But the always-on screen and 120Hz refresh rate can consume that on Pro models. While the wired charging support capability of up to 25W is stronger, the reverse wireless charging feature seems to be left only in conjecture.

Apple Watch 7

No new health features are expected for the Apple Watch this year. The Apple Watch Series 7 fits better with the iPhone 13 as it adopts the same flat edge design. It will be a year of transition from the curved edges of the Apple Watch since its introduction in 2015 to the angular bezel we’ve seen with the iPhone 12.

Apple Watch Series 7 will come in 41mm and 45mm size options instead of 40mm and 44mm. This, combined with thinner bezels, allows for significantly larger screens, including a new lamination technique that brings the screen closer to the watch’s surface.

The new model will have an updated S7 processor and since it has a smaller build, it will leave more room for other components, such as the larger battery. New wireless connectivity support is also expected as an improved version of the existing U1 Ultra Broadband chip.

Apple is known to have problems increasing the mass production of the Apple Watch 7. It is therefore not clear at this time whether we will see it at Tuesday’s event.

AirPods 3

Apple’s most affordable in-ear headphones, AirPods 3, can make an appearance at this event with their AirPods Pro-esque look. However, this possibility is currently less than the possibility to introduce the Apple Watch 7 and iPhone 13. Apple may also introduce the AirPods 3 Wireless Headphones at the event it will host in the coming months.

According to the information revealed so far, an AirPods Pro design with a shorter body is expected, and it is estimated that the new AirPods will not have the same silicone tips and come with silicone-free tips like AirPods 2. The new series, which does not have the same silicone tips. feature such as having active noise cancellation to be more affordable will be updated with the updated version. It will come with an IR processor, increased connection distance and improved battery life.

software updates

Apple is expected to release iOS 15, iPadOS 15, watchOS 8 and tvOS 15 a few days before the new iPhone models go on sale.

For example, if iPhone models are announced on the 14th and released on the 24th, there is a chance that software updates will be launched on the 22nd.

Alternatively, some software updates may arrive on the 15th as Apple repeats the path it took last year. Anyway, Apple will announce the software launch dates on the day of the event.

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