What GOP Delegates Are Worried About This Election

What GOP Delegates Are Worried About This Election

Kim Coleman (53, Utah): In my state, our inbox election dates are on the move. And if people are not aware of it, it can lead to disenfranchisement of people who do not know a deadline for submitting their ballot. I don’t mean to mean fraud or anything shameful. I just mean the logistics of it. Do voters have a clear understanding of when their ballot has to be in the mail in order to be stamped on time? I am not sure if this will be the case for many people.

Frenzel: It is terrifying to the death of most of us that these short-term changes to electoral best practice are being tampered with.

Bowie-Whitman: My biggest concern is fraudulent voting by people who don’t exist, such as the ballot papers that we know were sent to cats and dogs in certain states. [Editor’snote:TrumpmadesimilarclaimsonAugust10ththathalfamillionpostalballotpapersweresenttodeadandpets[Editor’snote:TrumpmadesimilarclaimsonAug10thathalfamillionabsenteeballotsweresenttodeadpeopleandpetsHisstatementhoweverwasproventobea[AnmerkungdesHerausgebers:Trumpmachteam10AugustähnlicheBehauptungengeltenddasseinehalbeMillionBriefwahlzettelanToteundHaustieregeschicktwurdenSeineAussageerwiessichjedochalsa[Editor’snote:TrumpmadesimilarclaimsonAug10thathalfamillionabsenteeballotsweresenttodeadpeopleandpetsHisstatementhoweverwasproventobeamisunderstanding: The Center for Voter Information, a national voter registration group, had sent absentee ballots to approximately 2.2 million voters, but accidentally mailed 500,000 with the wrong return address due to a typographical error. Deb Wake, president of the League of Women Voters Virginia, later appeared on the radio and said she heard one person say that a dead person and a pet each received an application, despite the Center for Voter Information denying the claims. Some publications soon received the news with misleading headlines that “Dead and Pets” were receiving applications.] The ability of some states to only send blanket emails to all types of addresses opens up countless opportunities for fraudulent voting.

It’s generally completely skewed in press coverage because they believe we don’t want postal votes. Postal ballot papers are things that you need to apply for and they need to confirm that you are truly a voter and that you are really entitled to do so. That’s fine. But the idea of ​​sending ballots to the population is very bad and a very dangerous world.

Albrecht: Obviously you are seeing a lot of pressure from the Democrats to rush to the mail-in vote. I live in Washington state. We have mail-in voting. And it works. I have to give credit to my Secretary of State – Kim Wyman – for years, probably a decade, working on mail-in votes to make sure it was a safe election. I cannot say that for other countries. It takes time and it takes a lot of work and money to achieve this.

Grisafi: Democrats, they know exactly how to cheat. We need to get candidates and their lawyers to gather people and watch the process. There has to be something we can do or for the electoral boards to allow us to have an observer there. We have to watch the process. We are just so numerous.

Albrecht: It sounds a little conspiratorial, I can tell. However, you could throw away ballot papers that you disagree with. I see this as a threat to an election.

Ken Reid (61, Virginia): In Virginia, the Democratic Assembly abolished voter cards. You know, this has been a huge problem for many, many years because you have a lot of people who are not legally resident in the US who can show up and vote. [Editor’snote:Thereisnoindicationthatnon-citizenvotingiswidespreadON[Editor’snote:There’snoevidencethatnoncitizenvotingiswidespreadA[AnmerkungdesHerausgebers:EsgibtkeineHinweisedaraufdassdieAbstimmungvonNicht-BürgernweitverbreitetistEIN[Editor’snote:There’snoevidencethatnoncitizenvotingiswidespreadANew York Times poll found only two possible incidents of non-citizens voting out of a total of 137.7 million voters in 2016.]

If you ask me if I think Vladimir Putin will disrupt the elections, I don’t think that will happen. And if he does it again, it won’t be a mound of beans because 2016 wasn’t a mound of beans due to Democratic concerns.

Adrienne Pena-Garza (41, Texas): There were problems with electoral fraud down here in the valley. People said, “I got $ 30 to vote.” And I asked, can we videotape you if you say that. They won’t do that. They aren’t going to suspend it, but they know it’s there. I’m not saying that everyone is like that, but it’s difficult to have a lot of confidence in the electoral process when you know these things are actually happening.

Blacksmith: I think both sides are making bigger business out of it than it really is or should be. Like I said, I trust the vast majority of election officers in every county, in every state. There may be some corrupt ones, but I don’t think that will change the results of the national elections.

Frenzel: It is not difficult to figure out how to vote. If [voters] aren’t smart enough to figure out how to vote, they probably shouldn’t vote. However, I am sure that anyone who wants to cast their vote can do so regardless of the party.

Reid: I just don’t think this scam business is really going to be of paramount importance. I think the key is if people will find out. And the most important thing will be these swing states.


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