What is a Covid pass – and when do I need one?

The Welsh government has made Covid passports mandatory for people attending major events and visiting nightclubs.

The regulation comes into effect from today (October 11) and requires people over the age of 18 to either be fully vaccinated against Covid or to have a negative lateral flow test.

The Scottish government introduced similar requirements earlier this month.

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The move is hoped to provide reassurance and limit the spread of the virus, but there is strong opposition in some circles.

What is a Covid Pass?

An NHS Covid Pass shows your vaccination status and test results. It is provided either in digital form on the NHS mobile app or in paper form.

It is widely used when traveling abroad and in Scotland and Wales to gain access to nightclubs and major events.

When do I need a Covid Pass?

In Scotland and Wales, you will need a Covid Pass to enter nightclubs and similar venues, live non-seated events for over 500 people, outdoor events for over 4,000 people, and all events for over 10,000 people.

The British government has considered introducing its own Covid Pass system in England, but has so far decided against it. However, it may reconsider if the cases increase this winter.

Northern Ireland has also chosen not to introduce a mandatory Covid Pass system. Venues are advised to request proof of full vaccination or negative tests, but this is not required by law.

How do I get a Covid Pass?

You can get a Covid Pass through the appropriate NHS app in your country, but you need to register for an NHS login beforehand.

If you would like a paper Covid Passport, call 0300 303 5667 in Wales or request one via. at NHS information In scotland.

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