What is a Covid passport, how do I get one and do I need one?

The government has just announced the countries on the Green List, which means the British can finally go away.

For months now we’ve been hoping our favorite destinations are on the list so we can all get away.

However, in the talks of other countries introducing a vaccination record, there is some speculation about whether or not you will need one in the coming months.

What is a Covid Pass, where can I get one and most importantly do I need one?

Here’s everything we know so far about Covid Passports and how it could affect people in the UK.

What is a Covid Pass?

A Covid Pass is a digital or non-digital document that shows whether or not you have been vaccinated.

It has more to do with vaccination status, which can include details like:

  • Proof that a person has been vaccinated
  • or the results of tests for people who have not yet received a vaccine
  • or information about someone who has had Covid-19 and has recovered.

The goal of a Covid Pass should be to provide a simple yet secure system that allows travelers to navigate a tangle of restrictions as smoothly as possible while protecting privacy.

Such a document is likely to include the traveller’s name and date of birth, the date of vaccinations, and the type and batch of batch used, or details of a recent test or recovery.

How do I get one and do I need one?

In the UK, there is no travel requirement of any type of Covid Pass or Covid Certificate, but the government is hoping to use the NHS app as a vaccination pass.

However, according to the Times, Downing Street admitted that as of May 17, the NHS app may no longer be able to be used as a vaccination record for Brits abroad.

Other areas or sectors such as airlines, nations and the European Union are developing their own method for checking a person’s Covid status.

The EU provides a digital green certificate that shows:

  • was vaccinated against COVID-19
  • receive a negative test result, or
  • Obtained from COVID-19

The health authorities in each country issue the certificate and store a traveller’s details securely.


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