What is Amazon 4-star? Online retailer opens first UK general store

Amazon has opened its first UK general store at Bluewater Shopping Center in Kent.

The Amazon 4-star store is the first of its kind outside of the US and will sell approximately 2,000 of the online retailer’s top-rated and best-selling products.

It is not yet clear whether Amazon intends to open more 4-star stores in the UK. The Bluewater shop is open today (October 6th) at 10:00 AM.

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What is Amazon 4 Star?

Amazon 4 Star is a physical retail store that sells items that have all been rated greater than four stars by their customers.

The products available at the Amazon 4-Star Outlet at Bluewater include electronic devices, games, toys, books and housewares.

There is also a Most Wanted Products section, which lists the most frequently added products Amazon Customer wishlists.

The selection of products offered in the Amazon 4-star shop will change regularly in response to customer feedback and new releases, says Amazon.

How many Amazon 4-star shops are there?

There are already over 30 Amazon 4-star outlets in the USA – but the Bluewater Store is the online retailer’s first foray into the international market with the 4-star concept.

There is already speculation that there may be more 4-star stores in the future. However, Amazon remains closed and has not publicly confirmed its plans for the future.

Does Amazon have 4 star cashiers?

Unlike its Amazon Go chain of convenience stores, Amazon 4-star tills have cashiers on hand when customers want to complete a purchase.

Buyers can pay with their card at the counter or simply with the Amazon app on their smartphone.

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