What is Among Us? The game everyone is talking about

What is Among Us? The game everyone is talking about

What is Among Us? The game that went viral on social networks. Technology has taken hold on social media through a new mobile and computer game called Among Us, set in outer space where a ship’s crew must save themselves before being killed by impostors.

The characters are little men in space suits of various colors, which you can customize with hats, accessories, etc. Each game lasts very little, since it is basically about walking around the station, performing some tasks in the electricity rooms, the infirmary, administration, cafeteria, among others.

However, you will have to be careful, because the other players are either your companions or they are the impostors, before starting the game on the screen it will appear if you are a crew member or impostor and you must be careful that they discover you when you eliminate someone, no They have to see you, you can hide in the sewers or run away from the crime scene and pretend to do your chores like everyone else.

How do you play?

You can download it on your fish or from the Store of your cell phone as Among Us.

You must choose a game mode and you can change the language. When you start the application, you must choose between:

Antifrión: (You choose the number of players, # of imposters and you can share the code with your friends, because it is in private or public mode, that is, someone else can join

Public: You will find online sessions created by other users, either 1, 2 or 3 imposters and with 10 players each, you can join freely

Private: Only if you have the session code can you join by entering it in the game

You must wait in a room until the number of players is completed, once it starts, the legend “Shhhhhhhhh!” and they will inform you if you are an impostor or crew member. Once it starts, you should see what your task list is, you can guide yourself on the map, go to the rooms and fulfill your missions, VERY careful, a partner can pass by you without knowing if it is your friend or the villain.

While you carry out your tasks, the game will be interrupted when someone has found a corpse, has seen an impostor come out of hiding or when you have to run into a room to avoid dying from lack of oxygen.

There will also be meetings between the players, they must vote once to read the messages of the others in the chat: “I found the body in …” “I saw such player in such room …”, the impostors can pretend or blame another and vote against that person to eliminate them, but they may make a mistake and expel a crew member.


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