What is an SMS tracker? (Complete Info+11 FAQ)

SMS Trackers are spyware that is used for tracking the online activities of the target device. A lot of kids are using cell phones and are attached to the same 24/7. It is this that makes parents worry about them. Teenage is the most crucial period for anyone who is yet to grow into a full being adult.

If during this time, they get into the wrong groups, they can potentially ruin their future. So, it is important to track their messages.

Other than that, you can also use these SMS trackers for business purposes on employees who are currently doing work from home or have to work on the field, due to which you can’t have direct access to them.

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Answers to frequently asked questions

We collected the most asked questions from Customers of the best spy apps on the web such as mSpy, MobileSpy, and SpyBubble. Then we reached out to customer service to give you the right answers and help you know more about SMS trackers.

How can I track an SMS?

To track the SMS on the target smartphone, you need to install a spy app on that device. Once installed, log into your web account to have full access to someone’s text messages.

What is the best free SMS tracker for Android?

Among the SMS trackers available for Android, mSpy and SpyBubble stand out. mSpy has a few more advantages with remote installation and full help in setting up the app.

How can I track text messages from another phone?

To follow text messages from another phone, just open your web panel. The spy app collects the messages on the target phone and uploads them to your panel.

How to remove hidden SMS tracker?

To remove a hidden SMS tracker from the phone, you need to login into your panel. Here you can deactivate the subscription and delete the app.

Is it possible to intercept SMS?

Indeed, it is possible if you use a powerful spy app. The app secretly collects the messages and transfers them to your online account. There you can read all the messages.

How can I follow or track someone’s text messages?

To be able to track someone’s text messages, you need to install and configure the spy app on their phone. You can then read the messages that the person sends and receives.

Can text messages be tracked after being deleted?

With the spy app, you can track all deleted messages. The app captures text as it’s received or sent, so you can see it even if the device owner has deleted it.

How to recover deleted text messages from someone else’s phone?

The spy app will automatically retrieve text messages from someone else’s phone. All you have to do is install the app on the phone you want to track. If you want to Recover Snapchat messages, we have made a complete article on the same, you can go through it by clicking on the link above.

How do I know if a text message has been sent to someone else’s phone?

You will see all unread messages in your web panel. Messages are grouped into two folders: sent and received. New messages are marked.

How to track the location of the mobile phone via SMS? / Can you track the location of a text message?

There is no direct method to track the location of the mobile phone through text messages. Although the spy app has a GPS tracking feature, which will help you find someone’s location.

Can you remotely install spyware on a cell phone?

You cannot install cell phone spy software on the smartphone from someone else. Physical access is required. The whole process will take no more than 3 minutes.


We hope that by now you will be clear on what is an SMS tracker. These are spy apps and these have various features like GPS tracking, Keylogging, recording deleted messages, etc. These features are really helpful and an SMS tracker typically takes about 2-3 minutes for installation. So which is the best one according to you, let us know in the comment section below.

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