What is Insulate Britain? Protesters block London roads

Insulate Britain protesters blocked three main routes into London, cut traffic and resulted in numerous arrests.

At least 38 arrests were made after Insulate Britain blocked the Blackwall Tunnel, Hanger Lane and Arnos Grove, causing rush hour traffic jams, according to the Metropolitan Police.

The environmentalist group has made headlines in the past few weeks after being behind several disruptive protests aimed at pressuring the government to act faster to isolate UK homes.

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What is Britain Isolate?

Insulate Britain is a direct action protest group and an offshoot of Extinction Rebellion (XR) that has used similar disruptive tactics to enforce tougher action on climate change.

Insulate Britain’s first action took place on September 13, when protesters blocked five M25 junctions. There were several more protests in the days that followed.

In the past few weeks, Insulate Britain protesters have also blocked the port of Dover, the M1 and M4.

What is Britain trying to isolate?

Insulate Britain aims to pressure the UK government to insulate homes across the country in order to save energy and reduce carbon emissions.

She wants the government to isolate all public housing in the UK by 2025 and put in place a plan to fund retrofitting of all UK houses by 2030.

The group argues that insulating houses not only saves money, but also benefits the environment – by reducing energy consumption – and the UK economy as a whole.

What does the public think of Insulate Britain?

A survey conducted by YouGov Last month, 59% of respondents found they were against the Insulate Britain protests.

Only a quarter of respondents – 25% – said they supported the group’s actions, although that number rose to 49% for those who identified climate change, the environment and pollution as the top three issues.

Older people particularly opposed the protests. 73% of them said they were detrimental to public opinion of the environmental movement.

However, Insulate Britain argues that its home insulation requirements are simply in line with the general consensus among climate scientists and policy experts.

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