What Is Rehoboam on Westworld? It Could Signal the End of Dolores and the Hosts

Westworld this season (also known as the real world) is entering new ground and with it comes new technology. While the past two seasons have been about controlling hosts, this season seems to be about how to control people. During the season three premiere, we are introduced to a new technology company called Incite, which uses a system called Rehoboam to set the tone in people’s lives. In essence, the program maps out a life course for each person in an effort to achieve overall peace and order in the world.

As we learn even more about Incite and what is the bigger plan, the biblical name of the system seems to be a big giveaway about what’s to come. In the Bible, Rehoboam was the son and successor of King Solomon. Although Solomon was known to be wise and to unite the kingdoms of Israel and Judah during his reign, he eventually turned against God. As a result, God punished him by taking him out of power and leading his son Rehoboam to lead his broken kingdom. During Rehoboam’s reign, the 10 tribes of Israel eventually rebelled and gained their independence, leaving Rehoboam to rule only the kingdom of Judah. Jeroboam, originally a servant of King Solomon, went to rule over the kingdom of Israel after the rebellion.

So, what exactly does this have to do Westworld? It seems the show is trying to make a few analogies here. While Rehoboam is literally the successor to Incite’s previous system Solomon, Jeroboam’s story may indicate that a major rebellion is preparing to take place in the real world. After being controlled by Delos Incorporated in the parks (also known as a “slave” to humans), Dolores is now trying to prevent Incite from doing the same to humans. However, if her story follows Jeroboam in the Bible, a violent ending awaits her.

After becoming king of Israel, Jeroboam also turned against God by causing his people to worship false gods. As a result, he eventually died and the rest of his family was killed. Does this mean that Dolores will have to pay for her sins in a similar way? As she rebels against Incite this season, it could spell the end of herself and her entire kind.

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