What is Remembrance Sunday?

In November, millions of people across the UK will pause to remember service members killed on duty.

Remembrance Sunday is an opportunity to reflect on past and present wars and the losses that have resulted.

It will be marked by ceremonies across the country where the Queen and political leaders lay their customary wreaths at the cenotaph in London’s Whitehall.

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When is Memorial Sunday?

Remembrance Sunday is a memorial service to commemorate British and Commonwealth soldiers who were killed while on duty.

The tradition arose from Armistice Day, which was first celebrated in November 1919 on the occasion of the first anniversary of the end of the First World War.

Two decades later, in 1939, the government moved the commemoration to the second Sunday in November to avoid an interruption to war production – and thus Memorial Sunday was born.

Remembrance Sunday 2021 falls on November 14th.

What does Remembrance Sunday remember?

Memorial Sunday primarily commemorates the victims of soldiers and soldiers in Great Britain and the Commonwealth of Nations who were killed during their service.

As a result, current and former military personnel, as well as politicians and other dignitaries, attend memorial services across the country on Memorial Sunday.

In recent years, however, the event has also come to commemorate those who have lost their lives to conflict and terrorism, including rescue workers.

Which countries celebrate Memorial Sunday?

Remembrance Sunday is mainly observed in the United Kingdom, although numerous other countries have their own events around Armistice Day.

The United States celebrates Veterans Day on November 11th each year. This date is also – as Armistice Day – a national holiday in France.

Anglican and Church of Scotland churches outside the UK also hold their own memorial services.

In Australia and New Zealand, Anzac Day is celebrated instead of Armistice Day. It takes place on April 25th, the anniversary of the Gallipoli landing in World War I.

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