What is scalp popping and is it safe? Experts issue warning over new TikTok trend

From the recent milk crate challenge to some questionable teeth whitening techniques, there are plenty of weird and even downright dangerous viruses Tick ​​tock Tendencies.

The latest trend that is making the rounds on the platform is “scalp popping”.

The challenge is as bizarre as it sounds: people pull their hair out of their heads as quickly as possible to create a bizarre popping noise.

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A popular TikTok video of the trend is from @yanasemerly and shows two friends twisting a small strand of hair tightly and pulling it with force to create the popping sound.

The video was liked more than 830,000 times, with thousands of users commenting that they either tried or wanted to try the challenge.

So exactly what is popping scalp, Is it safe and can it kill you? Here’s everything you need to know about the latest TikTok trend.

What is scalp popping?

Popping the scalp pulls a strand of hair out of the head as quickly as possible to create a popping sound.

The noise is caused by the soft tissue (galea aponeurotica) between the scalp and the skill popping off the skull.

Is it safe to burst the scalp?

While scalp cracking may seem like a novel concept at first, experts have warned that it is not safe and can actually cause serious harm.

Anthony Youn MD, a Detroit-based plastic surgeon and TikToker with more than 5.6 million followers, explained the dangers of the trend in a current video.

He advises people to avoid popping their scalp and adds in the comments, “Please don’t do this! It can tear the inside of the scalp, which can cause a ton of bleeding on the inside. Think boxers or MMA fighters with scalp hematomas. “

The trend is considered so risky that TikTok has warned against it under the hashtag “#scalppopping”.

Can Cracking Your Scalp Kill You?

Scalp cracking can permanently damage the base of the hair follicles, leading to inflammation, infection, scarring, and even permanent hair loss.

While there’s no evidence that cracking your scalp can kill you, it can certainly cause irreparable damage.

You should always consider the risks or seek advice from a healthcare professional before attempting any ” Bless you and beauty ”trends you see on social media.

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