What is Sky Glass? TV features, subscription and more

Sky is launching a new streaming TV that eliminates the need for a Sky antenna and external box.

The new Sky glass is designed so that it can compete with other TV manufacturers such as Sony and Samsung, who already bundle Sky content with their products, and is described as “no frills” streaming TV.

CEO Dana Strong said: “Sky Glass is the streaming TV with Sky inside and offers complete integration of hardware, software and content.”

Sky has also claimed that the Glass would be the world’s first carbon neutral television.

While you can pre-register now, the TV will be available in the UK from October 18th.

What is sky glass?

Sky glass is a television that streams its content over the internet, eliminating the need for an external box or Sky’s famous satellite dish.

You need 10Mbps WIFI speed to run it.

While it’s the only TV with Sky, content is also available through the BBC iPlayer, Amazon, Netflix, Disney +, ITV Hub, and All4.

What TV functions does Sky Glass offer?

Sky Glass is available in five different colors (including Dusky Pink and Racing Green) and the specifications include:

  • 43-, 55-, and 65-inch size options.
  • Single wire and only one connector.
  • 4K ultra high definition quantum dot screen
  • Six powerful built-in speakers and a subwoofer for 360 ° Dolby Atmos sound.
  • 10-bit high dynamic range to support Dolby Vision HDR
  • Voice activated interface.

Sky claims that “Quantum Dot technology is a quantum leap in image quality.”

The TV also comes with a two year warranty.

Sky Glass subscription

The cost of a Sky Glass TV can be paid for directly or purchased as part of the subscription e.g. B. when buying a cell phone.

Sky said you can “get Sky Glass on a monthly payment plan with 0% interest”.

The website currently offers three packages at £ 39, £ 85 and £ 90, all based on a £ 10 upfront payment for a 43 ” Sky Glass TV purchased for a 48 month interest free loan. It is also a 31-day contract for Sky TV.

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