What it's really like to get a first dog – owners tell all

More people than ever are getting their first dog and the owners have provided some fascinating insights into how it changed their lives.

Dog owners are opening the lid on things they’ve only discovered since picking up their pooch and have revealed the things no one told them about getting a dog.

Of the happiness and love a dog can bring to picking up poop and chewed furniture, they share the good, the bad, and the sometimes weird situations they have found themselves in.

Are you thinking of taking the plunge yourself and finding your own canine companion? These stories give a glimpse into your future. But that means no matter what unexpected things they may have found, we are sure that none of these dog owners would change their four-legged friend for the world.

Rachel and Finley

“What I didn’t realize until I got a dog was that it’s like a child – but one that will never grow up or become independent! I’ve been told that four years is the turning point, so I’m counting down the days until this familiar maturity appears, until then I’ll continue to squeak a toy in my face every few hours!

“People don’t tell you how much space dogs can take up either – personal space! It’s been years since I’ve sat down or slept without my dog ​​leaning against me or cooking food without him between my feet and the cupboards. Even if your dog is tiny, he will find a way to lie in the worst possible position and take up as much space as possible! ‘

Lucinda and Bonnie

Lucinda and Bonnie

“Bonnie is our nine month old Westie and she has completely changed our lives since arriving in June 2020. I would describe her as naughty, stubborn and full of fun so we never have a boring day.

“One of the most important things I didn’t know before getting a dog was that our evenings would never be the same again. I imagined cuddling on the sofa and watching TV together … The reality is that I spend more time saving I think she loves shoes and clothes more than I do – and that says something!

Charlotte and Angel

Charlotte and Angel

“I wish I had known that my dog ​​is as important to me as any child. At first, you just want this little cuddly, fluffy toy to spend time with, but in the end, you end up worrying about them as much as you would a toddler. But it’s all worth it because you can just tell they care about you the same way just by the way they look at you and comfort you if you ever have a bad day. You are great listeners! ‘

Natalie, Fraser and Timmy

Fraser and Timmy

“My kids have wanted a dog for a long time, but the time was never right. We finally decided it was a good time and found what we were looking for, a red cockapoo. We picked him up on a Friday, brought him home and we were all very happy. But there was still one puppy alone, the dwarf. Well I came back the next day and bought it too. Two for one!

“I never thought how tough and exhausting puppies could be, but believe me, I found three kids easier than the first few weeks with puppies. But honestly, the hard work has paid off as we all enjoy them. There’s a but … people don’t tell you about things like picking up their eye bogies or picking up dried feces from their curly cockapoo butts !!! or the amount of paper towel you need to wipe it down. Honestly, it will easier and well worth the effort. ‘

Jess and Flanders

Jess and Flanders

‘The concern and concern for this beautiful little furball was particularly unexpected. If he doesn’t move for a few minutes, I panic for a few seconds that he’s dead. And my friend is obsessed with our dog’s feces and spends way too much time talking about it and what it means for the dog’s health. ‘

Liam and Billy

Liam's dog Billy

“I never thought I’d be a dog owner who acted like my dog ​​was my child, but I’m definitely going that route. And we’re both obsessed with analyzing his poop to see how we think he’s doing. ‘

Gemma and Scamp

Gemma's dog Scamp yawns very loudly

“My dog ​​barks at anything, even a fart! And I didn’t know that dogs could yawn – he yawns so loudly! ‘

Gina and Jordan

Gina told us how much hair her dog Jordan sheds

“I didn’t know that I had to suck every day. Jordan sheds hair like you don’t believe it. And they’re worse than kids. When you tell them they tilt their head to one side and give you those eyes and you instantly forgive. ‘

Shannon and Amaya

German shepherd Amaya

“That your fear goes through the roof and worries you and it’s worse because they can’t tell you what’s (obviously) going on.”

Niall and Harry

Niall and his dog Harry

“People say that petting a dog makes you feel happier. It is true and I have learned this from my own experience. A few times my furry little four-paw friend greeted me when he felt down and pointed his own paw at me to ask for a pet. Whether this is because he felt I was down and wanted to cheer me up, or whether he just wanted a stomach scratch is a whole different debate. Anyway, I know I felt a hell of a lot better 30 seconds after petting it. ‘

Suzanne and Pongo, Peldon and Cassie

Pongo, Peldon and Cassie

“If you think the room is devoid of anything you could possibly eat, think again … carpet is apparently edible!”

David and Molly

Molly out in the country

“They love sunbathing and will move around the house as the sun moves to make sure they have a place to lie down.”

What it's really like to get a first dog - owners tell all 1

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Jessica and Tegan

Jessica and her chocolate laboratory Tegan

“I didn’t know how much a dog moans and how much hair there is. It’s literally everywhere! I have to empty the vacuum cleaner three times a day and I still find hair on the sofa, TV, sink, and even on dishes. ‘

Laura and Frank

Frank's owner Laura thought that children are easier than dogs

“You will have more dog clothes than real clothes! You have poop bags in every coat you own. Children are definitely easier than dogs. ‘

Simon and Buzz

Buzz eyed his owner's dinner

“I used to feel guilty eating pizza after going to the gym, but even more so when an extra pair of eyes was watching me! And having to close all the curtains in the house when the window cleaner arrives to keep Buzz from believing someone is trying to get inside. ‘

What it's really like to get a first dog - owners tell all 2

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Lisa and Tiny

Lisa and her dog Tiny

“I didn’t know a dog would bring that good luck. The loyalty and love they give surprised me as I was never a dog until I saved my girl. It’s surprising how much they do, in large part Your family. Choosing the right pet insurance takes a lot of time and research! ‘

Leah and Obi

Obi's owner described a dog as a baby

“A puppy is really like a new baby, only luckily the sleepless nights last for weeks rather than months (years). And if your dog eats something that for some reason he shouldn’t have or has a sensitive stomach, you will likely need to wipe his bum … and baby wipes won’t work nearly as well on fur. ‘


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