What 'possible Covid-19 exposure' NHS app alert really means

The new state coronavirus test and trace app has been described as “misleading” by users who said a notification sent to them multiple times confused them.

Thousands of people have reported receiving a notification titled “Possible Covid-19 Exposure” that lights up on their phone. When users of the app known as NHS COVID-19 click on it, they will be added to the main app with no further information.

The users then have no way of re-reading the notification, which disappears after the click, wondering whether or not they have come into contact with anyone with coronavirus.

Many people have reached out on social media to say that it has created confusion and, in many cases, fear. However, there is no need to panic and these notifications can be ignored.

These notifications are just “standard messages” associated with the app’s operating system. The government has indicated that whenever a person needs to self-isolate, a separate message will be sent.

The full message reads: “Possible Covid-19 exposure. Review of exposure information.

“The app accessed the date, duration and signal strength of this exposure.”

The first notification is sent when your smartphone registers that it is near someone who has tested positive for the coronavirus.

However, you will only receive a second notification if a detailed review of the data by the NHS app shows that there is a reasonable chance of passing the virus on to you.

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The app’s official Twitter feed states, “The app will send you a notification when you need to self-isolate and how long it will take. It has a countdown timer. You will receive a notification when you reach the end of your self-isolation period. ” a notification with a link to the latest advice for you. “

The frequently asked questions section on the app’s website states, “The NHS COVID-19 app uses Apple and Google exposure notifications.

“If exposure tracking is turned on, Apple or Google might send you notifications.

“These can be referred to as Covid-19 exposure logs or COVID-19 exposure notifications.

“Sometimes it seems like these messages go away or you can’t click on them.

“These are standard messages from Apple and Google.

“You don’t have to worry if you miss or miss them. They are only visible to remind you that the functionality is enabled and working.

“You cannot turn off these standard notifications from Apple and Google at this time.

“Important messages from the NHS COVID-19 app are always visible to you in the app.”

Hull’s confirmed coronavirus rate has nearly doubled in a week.

The local seven-day rate in the city has increased from 17.3 to 31.8 per 100,000 inhabitants, according to the latest information from the Hull City Council.

However, compared to the regional and national averages, the number is still lower.

The 7 day rate in England is currently 67.9, while the Yorkshire and Humber infection rate is 102.7 per 100,000 people.

The city council has urged everyone in the city to do their part in preventing the virus from spreading, including downloading the app.


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