What Sex Workers Want Kamala Harris to Know

ÖI am a big advocate of finding a safe place for sex workers. I’ve always been, ”said Vice President-elect Kamala Harris in one go February 2019 Interview with The root. But when you ask sex workers, they tell you a different story.

“I’m thrilled to have a black Vice President. I wish it was someone other than Kamala Harris,” said Alex Andrews, co-founder of Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP) and SWOP behind bars. Andrews and others opposed the “torture” that Harris carried out as the District Attorney of San Francisco and Attorney General of California against sex workers. “She helped the Oakland Police Department cover up many of the misdeeds they had committed relating to sex trafficking,” she added, referring to how Harris refused to intervene in an explosive case involving several police officers having sexual contact Underage sex had workers Celeste Guap, whose lawyer specifically asked Harris’s office for help. “Kamala Harris did nothing to these cops. She was an active participant in the exploitation of this young woman.” As a prosecutor in 2008, Harris also opposed decriminalizing sex work, saying it would be “a welcome mat for pimps and prostitutes to San Francisco” release.

Andrews isn’t the only sex worker who experiences ambivalence. “I think wow, this is the first black woman on a big party ticket,” said Zola Z. Bruce of the Urban Justice Center’s sex worker project (SWP). “A lot of black cis women, or gendered people and trans women, just don’t know that it is possible for a black woman to sit in such a high position.” But Bruce adds that “there are some challenges because we know historically that she has not supported trans women in particular, nor has she supported sex workers. I just feel that we are seeing positive changes in our communities. We need to see that it is also changing. “

A lot of ink has been spilled on Harris’ background as a prosecutor. What matters on the subject of sex work is how recently the elected vice president’s actions contradicted her alleged views. During her tenure as an AG, she led a campaign to shut down Backpage, a classifieds website that is often used by sex workers.the world’s best online brothel“In 2016, claiming that the site made” millions of dollars in human trafficking. “While Backpage ran millions of sex job ads, the Adult Services listings provided a safer and more transparent platform for sex workers and their customers to conduct consensual transactions than This was previously possible. Harris’ grandiose mischaracterization led to a 2018 Senate investigation and the closure of the site by the FBI.


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