What the 'possible exposure' message means in the NHS coronavirus app

The NHS Covid-19 app has been downloaded millions of times since it launched in September.

The app was rolled out across England and Wales in September, after originally promised by Health Secretary Matt Hancock for mid-May.

It uses Bluetooth technology in smartphones to keep an anonymous log of the people a person comes in close contact with.

Northern Ireland and Scotland have their own contact tracking apps that were launched earlier.

The new app requires Apple users to be running iOS 13.5, which was introduced in May and works on the iPhone 6s or newer phones released in 2015, while Android users need to be running at least Android version 6.0, which was also the first to be released in 2015.

Millions of people have downloaded the app, but some users report that they received a message about “possible Covid-19 exposure”. Plymouth Live reports.

The notification stated that “exposure information is being reviewed” and “the app has accessed the date, duration and signal strength of this exposure”.

Once the message is clicked, it disappears and no further information is provided.

The BBC reports The Ministry of Health is working on a solution to stop the warnings, which are quickly disappearing.

The NHS website states that the alerts are generated by the underlying Apple and Google framework and not the NHS app itself. “No action is required if your NHS Covid-19 app doesn’t ask you to self-isolate.”

Several people have indicated that they have received a notification. Once they clicked on it, the app didn’t do anything and looked just as usual. The message “Your app is active and scanning”.

The NHS website explains that important messages from the app itself are always visible in the app and “don’t worry” if you miss or miss a notification that goes away.

It says: “The NHS Covid-19 app uses Apple and Google exposure notifications.

“When exposure logging is enabled, Apple or Google may send notifications. These can be referred to as Covid-19 exposure logs or Covid-19 exposure notifications.

“Sometimes it seems like these messages go away or you can’t click on them.

“These are standard messages from Apple and Google.

“You don’t have to worry if you miss or miss them.

“You cannot currently deactivate these standard notifications from Apple and Google. Important messages from the NHS Covid-19 app are always visible to you in the app.”

You only need to take action if you receive a notification direct from the NHS Covid-19 app and messages from the app “don’t go away”.

If the message is from the app, the advice is available to see when to open it.

When do I have to isolate?

The NHS website states, “You should always follow the advice given on the NHS Covid-19 app.”

If you come into contact with someone who has confirmed coronavirus, the app will ask you to stay home.

The message reads, “The app has detected that you have been in contact with someone who has coronavirus. Please stay home and isolate yourself to protect yourself and others. “

After opening the app, you will be asked to self-isolate.


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