What To Expect From Mortal Kombat 2

The Matrix 4 star Keanu Reeves is in Discussions to star as Johnny Cage on Mortal Kombat 2. With the reboot of Simon McQuoid due out later this month, Cage’s absence has been a point of contention for the most ardent of lovers, with McQuoid previously affirming that the omission of him marked a positive point for the upcoming sequel. Given the casting, it looks like Cage will take center stage right now.

Mortal Kombat has noticed that the original release date has been shifted in early 2021 and will debut on HBO Max and in cinemas at the same time, alongside Warner Bros. additional 2021 films. The delay further added to the excitement, even as the very first trailer was also remembered longer than usual, but so good was that hype builder along with the promotion, as Mortal Kombat arguably took advantage of taking longer to build the iconic franchise fighters. in the show. And now that roster has been expanded by at least one domain.

Mortal Kombat production Todd Garner made the news in an official statement that would significantly increase enthusiasm for the job – an important part of our follow-up programs.

In reality, Cage’s participation in the franchise no longer begins with the sequel. This was fans’ reaction to the character being dropped from this reboot that New Line Cinema and Warner Bros hastily made plans for a new post-credits teaser. While this came too soon for Reeves to get involved properly, producer James Wan and McQuoid have figured out a way to make sure the audience is left without a doubt about who and what they see. Wan was approached for comment and was reluctant, “You can do an awful lot with a very simple pair of shades.”

Johnny Cage’s lack of involvement in Mortal Kombat makes sense, given that he has a massive character presence and the reboot already focuses not only on both Scorpion’s backstory, but how it relates to Lewis Tan’s still-mysterious Cole Young. Forcing another character, like Cage, in and expecting him to fulfill his trendy billing in a support character would have been a disservice, and projecting someone the size of Reeves for a support role would have also been a distraction. Delaying the payout was the right move, and now the post credits can place him in the same way that Deadpool Cable’s look teased in the sequel.

Reeves is a skilled martial artist, initially coached extensively for The Matrix and refining his skills with additional disciplines, most recently Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for John Wick. He’s slightly different from the variants of Cage’s most recent games, but he’s got the tires and the bravado. Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time Reeves has been linked with the Mortal Kombat franchise or with the help of co-creator Ed Boon’s NetherRealm Studios. In 2019, Boon admitted that Reeves ‘Neo was almost added as an Injustice two DLC personality, and the game legend also named Neo and John Wick as one of his most wanted DLC personalities for Mortal Kombat 11. In a way, Reeves’ casting was. as Johnny Cage, Boon’s desire to take the celebrity to Mortal Kombat world class pays off. Commenting on the information about Reeves’ participation in the film, Boon released an official statement saying only “neat!

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