What to expect from the new iPad Pro 2021

Apple will launch new tablets at an event on March 23, and last Wednesday (17) Bloomberg reported possible news about the upcoming iPad Pro 2021. But we will have relevant news for the device this year. Find out what we hope to see in these new devices:

According to Bloomberg, Apple’s new line of professional tablets will receive modest hardware upgrades, without many chassis tweaks, but with a massive boost in performance.

Presumably, the new iPad Pro models will not have innovative screen sizes, retaining the already familiar 11 “and 12.9” sizes, without many changes in their design. However, the main novelty for the presentation would be the presence of mini LED technology on the screen, which is able to provide more brightness and contrast. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the change should come “at least” for the largest model of the tablet.

For its performance, without much detail, Bloomberg says the new iPad Pro will have an “upgraded processor, at the level of the fastest M1 available in the latest MacBook Air.” Thus, it is possible to assume that its performance will bring significant gains in addition to improving the use and compatibility of iOS applications in the system.

Finally, the publication suggests that the new iPad Pro will have a Thunderbolt input, with superior technology and a higher data transfer speed, while keeping the same USB-C format as the previous model. The implementation of this feature would further increase the versatility of the tablet, allowing for the connection of various types of external accessories such as portable displays.

With no official release date announced, rumors suggest the iPad Pro will be unveiled soon at a digital event on March 23, next Tuesday. In that sense, Bloomberg is also bolstering the information, saying the new tablet model will be available to users as early as April.

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