What to look for in Firewall Security Software

Cybersecurity is of the utmost importance to companies. Data breaches, ransomware and other cyber attacks can quickly cost your business time and money. Not only that, but if a cyber attack results in data breaches, your reputation is also at stake. IT services are working hard to protect businesses from cyber-attacks, and one of the most common ways to do this is to use a firewall.

A standard, traditional firewall protects you from traditional cyber threats, but as the world of technology advances, cyber attacks are now more sophisticated, more difficult to detect, and even more difficult to remediate. As such, firewalls – especially for organizations that need network-wide security – require a much more advanced level of security with additional functionality.

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According to Cybersecurity Ventures, more than 50% of cyber attacks are aimed at small or medium businesses. So if you are responsible for keeping your company’s technology safe, what should you look for in a firewall security system?

Unified management

Business IT departments must be able to manage the security of the entire network from a single platform. The modern business will have desktop computers, laptops for remote workers, and even work phones for every employee. After a year of remote work, companies around the world are expected to deploy more employees full-time remotely – meaning network security is more important than ever.

Network security can be incredibly complex. From mobile devices and cloud-based storage, your firewall must be able to handle advanced cyber threats coming from all directions. Unified Security Management (USM) enables IT departments to manage and update the security of the entire network from one location to minimize risk to the growing business.

Threat Prevention

Some cyber threats can lie dormant on a network for years before being triggered. The longer a cyber attack on a network takes, the more difficult and expensive it is to remove it. In addition to the costs of deletion, cyber attacks can cause costly damage to the network, decrease productivity and even have legal ramifications if personal data is lost or disclosed. According to Gartner, 43% of businesses are immediately declared bankrupt if they are victims of security breaches and data loss. Only 6% lasts longer than two years.

Rather than waiting for an attack and fixing the problem on the spot, the best way to minimize the damage an attack can take is to prevent the threat. Network firewalls with built-in threat prevention help keep your business as safe as possible.

If you’re looking for firewall protection for your business, look for additional features such as threat, anti-malware, and anti-phishing information. If not included, it is important to install these services as soon as possible as part of your overall security strategy.

Customizable policy

As the digital transformation continues, firewalls must be compatible with an ever-evolving selection of programs and applications. While some programs have a high priority, others can run in the background, meaning traffic and data usage can be distributed across the network.

Likewise, employees in different departments will need protection for different applications and systems. With all this in mind, IT must be able to tailor firewall policies to the individual’s specific device or individual applications to ensure everyone is protected at all times.

Security in the cloud

With remote working and the need for additional storage, many companies have moved to cloud-based work platforms and archiving systems. Cloud computing can be accessed on both private and public networks, which means that security cannot fail at all.

Cloud-based environments need as much protection against cyber attacks as the physical servers in the office. Therefore, your network firewall must be able to handle cloud-based systems and protect them accordingly.

Scalable functionality

Suppose your business is just starting out; who knows how big you could be in 5 years. With this in mind, it is worthwhile to find a firewall protection system that is scalable for your ever-changing needs. That way, you don’t have to worry as your business grows. Firewalls are available for businesses of all sizes, but opting for a scalable – or even hyper-scale – service allows you to focus on the success of your business rather than potential risk.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when looking for firewall protection. Your security must cover the entire network and must both prevent and fight against threats. For more help, contact an IT specialist to find out what options are available to you.

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