What Went Wrong In Black Butler Season 2?

After the premiere of Black Butler, fans were optimistic about the series. Let’s see if that hope can be sustained in this second installment or not. Black Butler Season 2 only focused on making sure the characters had a happy ending and wrapping up any loose endings. The show suddenly gained a lot of attention and was later re-released. The show was remade and a demon, as well as a young little boy, joined the show.

In the second episode, Claude Faustus (the quirky butler) and Alois Trancy (a spoiled boy and heir to the County of Tracy) are presented. The first season ended with Sebastian eating Ciel’s body, completing his contract.

Black Butler Season 2 Release Date

The second part of Black Butler was released on July 1, 2010 on July 1, 2010, in Japan. The anime is now accessible on Hulu, Netflix, and Funimation. Therefore, no matter where you are, you can enjoy this show.

The Plot Of Black Butler Season 2

A young master and new butler are revealed in the new season, Black Butler. The storyline of the show is set in England in the second half of the nineteenth century. Alois Trancy, though an apathetic but happy character, went through hard times when his family was taken and forced to work as slaves. He slowly lost all the people he loved, as well as his parents and best friend.

Then he went back to his house, but behaved in a strange way. He returned to meet Claude Faustus, an emotionless character.

What Went Wrong in Season 2 of Black Butler?

After enjoying the character that was Ciel and Sebastian for 24 episodes, viewers didn’t find these characters interesting enough. Alois is a young, spoiled child who has a tendency to bully Hannah (his housekeeper), and Ciel is smart. Although he used these tactics, Ciel was told by his viewers, leaving innocent people to himself.

When we discuss Alois’ character, we can see that he does brutal things for no specific reason. The antagonist is the most prominent character in this season. In terms of the demon butlers, Sebastian is both awe-inspiring and terrifying at the same time, while Claude doesn’t have the same appeal. Looking at these characters, we find that the current ones are not that deep and enjoyable enough.

The first season seemed like an adventure for the audience and they had to pick out the best hits. The second season of the show was a clearer story. Season 1 revealed that Sebastian worked behind closed doors and used his understanding of demons. In the second season, every bit of information is available on the table and everyone can stumble upon the fact that demon butlers are real.

After the show ended, an explanation was given as to why Ciel’s soul was taken. Sebastian is responsible for the destruction of the city (from the area where Alois came from) and also for the murder of Alois’ younger brother. Alois. Then we discovered that Sebastian was not the only culprit, but that Hannah was responsible for all of this. The end of season 1 brought joy to viewers, but the end of season 2 is not a good thing at all. Many viewers were confused and disappointed.

Where can you watch Black Butler season 2?

Black Butler is being streamed Hulu, Netflix and Funimation. It is possible to skip season 2 if you prefer, but make sure to get the first season of Black Butler.

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