What would Tier 5 look like and is it on the way

As more people feel the brunt of strict Tier 4 restrictions across the country, people have been wondering what a Tier 5 ban is.

Boris Johnson hinted that “tighter restrictions” would be brought into play to curb another national surge in coronavirus cases.

He told Marr, who asked about the next level’s lockdown on Sunday, “There are a number of tougher measures we may need to take.”

But what would Tier 5 mean?

In short, it would include national lockdown restrictions with a stricter rule of staying at home and completely closing schools.

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Despite urging the Prime Minister to urge parents to send them to school this week, it would be the schools that would be the first to close completely – like in March 2020.

When asked if he could guarantee the schools will open on January 18th, Boris Johnson told the Andrew Marr show on Sunday: “Well, of course we will continue to see the effects of the Tier 4 measures, the Tier 3 measures , rate. “

When asked if GCSE and A-level exams should be canceled, the Prime Minister said, “We have to be realistic, we have to be realistic about how quickly this new variant has spread … we have to be realistic about the impact, that has it on our NHS … and we have to be humble in the face of this virus. “

Pointing out that stricter restrictions could be put in place, Mr Johnson said, “We may have to do things over the next few weeks that will be tougher in many parts of the country.

“I totally agree.”

He added, “There are obviously a number of tougher measures we would have to consider … I’m not going to speculate about what they would be right now, but I’m sure all of our viewers and listeners will understand what things are … clearly school closings that we had to do in March are one of those things. “

The main Tier 5 rules, similar to the Tier 4 rules, only apply to travel for essential reasons. The difference, however, is that schools will be completely closed.

You are not allowed to meet with anyone outside your household, although no more than two people are allowed to meet in outdoor public spaces.

As in Tier 4, pubs and restaurants can only offer take-away, drive-through or delivery services.

The gyms are closed while you can exercise outside with someone in your household or your bladder, or with someone outside your bladder.

In short, people can only leave their homes for food and urgent supplies, to attend to them, or to exercise daily.

“Tier 5 Rules”

– Schools (except kindergartens), universities and places of worship closed.

– Non-essential stores completely closed.

– Pubs, cafes, bars and restaurants are closed except for food stalls.

– Stay home message; Leave home to work when you cannot work from home. Leave your home with only groceries and urgent supplies to supply or to move around on a daily basis.

– Exercise unlimited, but limited, with people in your household or in your bladder. Gyms closed.

– Sports facilities such as golf courses and tennis are closed

– Weddings and funerals are prohibited.


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