What you can do from Monday – and everything you can't

What you can do from Monday - and everything you can't

What Prime Minister Boris Johnson called “cautious easing” will be rolled out across England next month.

The Prime Minister has not only announced that small groups of people can now meet, but has also confirmed changes in schools and retail stores.

He confirmed that all five tests required to start the next phase of the restrictions had been met, which means that more students could go back to school and the outdoor retail and car dealerships in England could be open as of Monday.

Mr. Johnson explained that people could see “both parents at the same time or both grandparents at the same time,” which for many would be a “long-awaited and joyful moment.” reports the mirror.


England’s primary schools will increase the number of students who take them in.

The plan is to gradually reopen the classrooms, starting with the reception in years 1 and 6. Years 2 to 5 will return later in June.

More than two dozen councils with more than 2,000 elementary schools have warned that they may not be reopened on June 1.

And the government has admitted that schools across the country are not being opened “consistently”.

If in doubt, check with your child’s schools about their plans.

Secondary school students in years 10 and 12 may return in limited form a few weeks later, but secondary schools are not expected to open fully until September.


What you can do from Monday - and everything you can't 1

June 1st

  • Outdoor markets
  • Car dealerships

This will happen from June 1, “as soon as they can meet the COVID-19 security guidelines to protect buyers and workers”.

15th June

ALL other non-essential retail stores can be reopened from this date, including (but not limited to):

  • Clothing store
  • shoe stores
  • Toy shops
  • Furniture stores
  • Bookstores
  • electronics
  • cutter
  • Auction houses
  • Photo studios
  • Indoor markets

friends and family

From Monday, groups of up to six people can meet outside.

People from different households must be two meters apart according to the rules of social distance.

People can also meet in gardens and other private outdoor areas.

Boris Johnson In order to control the virus as best as possible, people should avoid seeing people from too many households in quick succession.

He also reiterated that people should not be in the homes of their friends and families unless they are supposed to have access to the garden.

Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty said that if people had to use the toilet in a garden, all surfaces should be wiped afterwards.

He also warned of the importance of washing hands – especially when people may hand over items, for example during a barbecue.


Johnson said it was too early for the weakest, who were asked to “shield themselves” to avoid infection, to allow for greater social interaction.

He said they were considering how they could make the lives of the clinically weak easier and hoped to have more to say soon.

The chief medical officer for England, Professor Chris Whitty, offered the prospect at the Downing Street briefing on Thursday that the infection rates could be so low that they could soon leave the house.

“And we will get to a stage relatively soon when the absolute risk of people has dropped to a sufficiently low level that people will be able to step out of the shield in stages,” he said.

Prof. Whitty emphasized that the number of infections rather than the “R” transmission rate had to be in order to reduce the risk of infection for those at risk.

Cafes and restaurants

Cafés and restaurants as well as other so-called “riskier shops and public places” must be closed at the earliest until the beginning of July, according to the latest official guidelines.

They may be able to reopen a little earlier if they have outdoor seating areas that can be separated sufficiently.

But the vast majority will remain closed for some time.

Current 2 m social distance rules make it almost impossible for many of these outlets to work.

Although some have switched to the provision of takeaways.


What you can do from Monday - and everything you can't 2

Despite previous advice that pubs would have to wait longer than restaurants and cafes, pubs were thrown into a lifeline last week.

Environment Minister George Eustice said he wanted the pubs to “open gradually for the time being” in July, with social detachment.

In the meantime, scientists have warned that some social distance rules may need to remain in place until there is a vaccine that makes much of pub life impossible.


However, the government hopes vacationers can stay in the UK from July.

Minister of Culture Oliver Dowden had previously insisted that “he would like to get the tourism sector going as soon as possible”. He continued: “We have set up this very ambitious plan to put it into operation by early July.”


What you can do from Monday - and everything you can't 3

Dental offices in England have been informed that they can be reopened on June 8th if they take appropriate action.

In a letter to all practices, Sara Hurley, Chief Dental Officer of NHS England, said: “Today we ask that all dental offices be opened to all personal treatments by Monday, June 8th, where the practices judge that they are to have.” necessary IPC and PSA requirements exist “.

It is the first time that the practice has reopened since routine dental care in England ceased on March 25th.

The practices are asked to reopen from June 8th if they judge that they meet the required IPC and PSA requirements.

Hairdressers and beauty salons

Unfortunately, this is not in sight for a while.

The government has not included hair salons, beauty salons, or tattoo studios in the list of companies that can reopen on June 15.

While many people have turned to DIY haircuts at home, there is growing evidence that people are making appointments with professionals who are willing to break the lock rules.

Others give advice on editing videos.

But many in the industry are frustrated that they don’t have a date to work towards.



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