What you now can and can't do under second national lockdown rules

What you now can and can't do under second national lockdown rules

Boris Johnson announced tonight that England will go into a second national suspension.

New strict measures will take effect shortly after midnight on Thursday morning.

It ends on Wednesday December 2nd as the government tries to ease the new restrictions on a local and regional basis according to the latest data and trends.

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What do these new lockdown restrictions mean for every single person in England as the rules change every day?

Find out what you can and can’t do below:

  • You cannot go to the pub, bar, or even restaurant now as they will be closed
  • Work from home wherever you can
  • Exercise and recreation in the open air, either with your own household or bubble, or alone with a person from another household or another bubble – mixing other households is completely prohibited.
  • You can of course still buy groceries and essentials
  • You can escape the house for medical reasons, because of appointments, or to avoid injury or damage, including domestic violence
  • You can also leave your home caring for vulnerable people or as a volunteer
  • Support bladders persist, meaning that a household of any size can “inflate” with a household that has only one adult in it
  • Shielding will not resume, but those who are considered more vulnerable and the elderly over 70 are asked to minimize contact with others
  • Keep schools open and keep manufacturing open
  • You cannot travel overseas now, except to work and even across the country. All you have to do is travel to work

Pubs and restaurants are also being asked to close, but the takeaway and delivery services will continue.

The difference between this and the last lock is that a fixed switch-off time is specified for this lock time.

The full list will be detailed and published on Tuesday for MEPs to vote on Wednesday.



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