What's happening in the second week of the Cop26 climate talks

In the second week of the international Cop26 talks, the focus is on political negotiations to promote climate protection.

Here’s what is likely to happen this week.

– The ministers

In the high-level segment of the two-week conference, environment, energy, climate and other ministers meet to take the political stage of the negotiations in hand.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, ministers from countries whose heads of state or government failed to speak in the first week of the summit will have the podium to present their position on climate change, including Russia, New Zealand, South Africa and Turkey.

– negotiation, negotiation, negotiation

While in the first week of the UN summit much of the world’s attention was focused on the presence of heads of state and government and major announcements on saving forests, phasing out coal, mining methane and ending fossil fuel financing, negotiations between the countries also took place at the same time.

Much of the hard work will take place this week as ministers conduct political negotiations to finalize parts of the Paris Agreement, to make it work and effective, and to finance poor countries to cope with climate change and the loss and damage they suffer.

And the negotiators are trying to come up with a “cover decision” from Glasgow that will outline how countries will bridge the gap between the emissions reduction measures they have pledged to undertake under the Paris Agreement and what is required to avoid dangerous ones To avoid temperature increases of more than 1.5 C.

The atmosphere could become tense as countries push for competitive results and long nights and an end much later than the supposed end of the day on Friday are likely.

– More announcements

The UK-hosted “Theme Days” program at Cop26 continues, with further announcements expected on country and company commitments in various areas.

Look out for commitments on topics like moving to electric vehicles on Transport Day, Wednesday, while other days focus on adaptation and loss and damage, gender, science and innovation, and cities and regions.

– Who’s in town?

Last week world leaders, kings and one or the other Hollywood star blew in for the Cop26 summit in Glasgow. Former US President Barack Obama is expected this week.

Ex-US President Barack Obama

It remains to be seen whether Prime Minister Boris Johnson will return at the end of the two-week summit to bring negotiations on line or to welcome a deal that has been concluded.

– The Covid cop

There is likely to be an ongoing review of how the Cop26 conference was handled in the pandemic and whether the United Nations and UK organizers have done enough to make it accessible and inclusive.

The first week there were large crowds and long queues trying to go through security – not exactly in line with the organizers’ social distancing requirements imposed by the organizers inside, with a limited number of people who can Being able to stay in negotiation rooms and events that are criticized.

Although everyone is required to do daily lateral flow requests, wearing masks, and social distancing, people have still gotten sick or tested positive – although it is not clear how many.

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