What’s Up in DC: Democrats Just Missed a Chance to Grab a Needed US House Seat in Texas

The Democratic caucus has a majority of the seats in the US House of Representatives. But only barely. After setbacks in the 2020 elections, the democratic majority in the chamber was reduced. Then vacancies – some of which were created by President Biden’s appointment of House Democrats to the Cabinet and White House – reduced the number of Democrats even further.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Chairs the meeting a 219-212 majority at this point. It got a boost late last month when voters in Louisiana voted for it Democrat Troy Carter to fill a position created by Biden’s appointment as senior advisor, Cedric Richmond, a Democrat from New Orleans. But Pelosi is still in a difficult position where, on any legislative initiative, the exodus of only four members of her caucus to vote with the Republicans would ruin her prospects.

The Democrats had hoped that a special election for an open seat in Texas would give them a chance to rebuild their majority. The seat was opened as a representative Ron Wright, a Conservative Republican from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, died in February after suffering from Covid-19 Diagnosis. The quarter-Texas-6– was historically republican. But Joe Biden came in within three points of last year’s presidential contest, and the Democratic House nominees won 45 percent in 2018 and 44 percent in 2020.

So the seat seemed like a good place for Democrats to play a piece for a pickup. On Saturday, however, the top finishers were in the first round of the special election republican Susan Wright (the widow of the former congressman and longtime GOP agent) and Jake Ellzey (a Conservative official). As part of the Texas special election system, the two top finishers advance to the runoff election.

“Two Republicans who are going to the runoff are denying the Democrats the chance to increase their slim majority.” explained CNN.

What happened?

democrat The party’s 2018 candidate Jana Lynne Sanchez won 10,497 votes on Saturday, just 454 votes behind Ellzey.

She might have gotten a bullet point if nine other Democrats hadn’t received nearly 19,000 votes in the crowded competition.

With a little more unity, Sanchez could have stayed in the competition to get a place he needed. But it didn’t happen.

“The Democrats have come a long way towards Texas, but we still have a long way to go. Unfortunately we missed out tonight and two Republicans will fight to represent this congressional district, ”said Sanchez. “We will continue to fight for a healthier, more equitable, and more prosperous Texas, and we will choose leaders who care about meeting the needs of Texans, even though it won’t happen immediately in this district.”

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