What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Season 2: What Can You Expect With It?

When it comes to romance, K-dramas are one of the most notable things that allows one to become “Uwu”. After the covid-19 pandemic, a large number of audiences have entered the already acquired huge fandom and created more hype around the internet. There is nothing wrong with saying that K-dramas are the new revolution in the entertainment world where things are limited to affection and still able to stir the feelings of the viewer. By saying this, “What’s wrong with Secretary Kim” came out as the most popular series not only in Korea but also in other parts of the world.

What’s Wrong With Minister Kim is the popular 2018 k-drama that aired on tvN. The Korean channel has already produced blockbuster k-dramas and now fans are watching their remake or sequel. Lately, many k-dramas have fallen under the renewal season and this is giving hope to fans of the classic hit series.

Rather, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim follows the romance between a boss and her assistant. Following the basic fantasy of most Wattpad readers, the series achieved huge success as soon as it was released. Not only this, but What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim became one of the most popular k-dramas of the year, winning numerous awards for his stellar performance in 2018.

Since the popularity of the series is already huge, fans eagerly await updates on the future. In fact, we’re here with the final details on the show that would make you believe in everything that happens with it. Keep reading this article to the end and learn all about the show.


What is wrong with Minister Kim: know all about it!

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Season 2: What Can You Expect With It? 1

What’s wrong with Secretary Kim is a Korean television drama officially released on tvN in 2018. While most of the dreams are generally based on the webtoon, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim is actually inspired by the new series of the same name. Written by Jung Kyung-yoon, the romantic novel was officially published in 2013. It took tvN 5 years to actually take the novel and make a Korean drama, but the wait was really worth it for the fans who kept waiting for it to happen.

Starring Park Seo-joon and Park Min-young, they have already achieved huge success after the release of many k-dramas. Both stars performed amazingly and their on-screen chemistry was something to watch. Following the romance of a CEO and his assistant, the show revolves around the boss who realizes that he is getting older and that there is no one to suit her except her own assistant.

During the episodes, we see the beautiful and cute moments of the CEO winning her assistant heart and the series has nothing that would make you think of other chargers. As we all know, the Korean dreams have a third clue that makes the heroine reconsider her own decision, but that’s not happening with this show.

What is wrong with Minister Kim who also has a webtoon after the success of the novel series. Soon the series landed on Netflix and the show still holds the top spot in the Korean drama category.

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What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Season 2: Who’s Going To Cast In It?

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim Season 2

It would be a total disappointment if Park Seo-Joon wouldn’t be there as the lead. The actor has really justified his character as Lee Young-Joon and fans love it. The comedy and seriousness he puts together is just *chef kiss*.

On the other hand, there would definitely be Park Min-young as Kim Mi son. The actress is already a popular idol in Korea and her performance has left fans speechless. Both lead actors really justified their amazing performances on the show and trust me! It was these two who made this show great.

There’s no official confirmation regarding the cast and who will be returning, but fans believe the second episode of What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim would bring back the original characters. There may be new faces along the storyline. We are looking at the details and the news from the officials. If there’s anything, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Season 2: What Will The Storyline Be?

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim Season 2

Lee Young Joon (Park Seo Joon), the vice president of his own family business, is perfect in every way. He is a young man, who is well settled and has made his name in the Korean business world. More than that, he has everything to be happy.

However, he is more than confident in every aspect of life and this became a problem when her assistant, Kim Mi-so (Park Min-Young) has decided to step down from her secretary position. Kim Mi-so is actually getting old and before reaching his thirties, he wanted to settle down and start a good family. She has been next to Lee Young for the past 10 years and over time he never takes an interest in getting to know her and her personal life.

When she resigned from her position, it shocked the world of Lee Young Joon because he can’t do everything alone and no one is bigger than Kim Mi-So. During the episodes, he decided to get to know her and chase her into marrying him.

At first she thinks it’s just his own willingness to get her back to work, but soon they both fall for each other and their relationship begins. In the second season, we will see that both of them have greatly established their relationship.

At the time of writing, there is no confirmation regarding the plot, but we are very confident that if there is another season, it would focus on the lives of both characters.

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What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Season 2: Is It Going To Happen?

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim Season 2 Updates

The first season of What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim was released on June 6, 2018. As soon as the show came out, there was a huge wave among the fans and the hype started over the internet. The show became one of the most popular series for the public and while the ratings may not justify the actual popularity of the show, you can check out the audience feedback about it.

Coming back to the question “Is there going to be another season of the show?”. The first season concluded after the release of 16 episodes. All episodes beautifully show the lives of both main characters and how they end beautifully together. The series ends happily and there is nothing more to explain about their relationship. Maybe a spin-off would show their married life, kids and all, but still not.

The show is unlikely to get another season. While I accept that the Korean dreams are gaining more recognition lately and they are following the multi-season trend, let’s not forget that What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim is an old k-drama that ended on a beautiful note.

In addition, tvN was never busy with other seasons. So if you’re hoping for What’s wrong with Secretary Kim Season 2, unfortunately it won’t be renewed.

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