WhatsApp Already Allows Rncrypted Backups In iOS Tests

whatsapp: One of the advantages that: whatsapp shows off its operation is the encryption system. On Facebook, they are confident that their system is reliable, to the point where even the signature itself cannot enter and read each message individually. But now he wants to give iPhone device users an extra level of security when creating an encrypted backup.

WhatsApp for iOS has encrypted backups

The Facebook app is one of the most installed on various smartphones. In fact, it was one of those who suffered the global crash this week that has caused so much commotion and has given Twitter wings by hosting so many users. It’s not the only beneficiary of the fall, as Telegram has also gotten a lot of visits during the time its rival was out of the game.

But this kind of situation happens from time to time and if it doesn’t happen at one shift, it happens at another. Let’s talk about what ultimately matters and that is: whatsapp you can create encrypted backups on iOS. The guys at WABetaInfo, the feature is currently in its testing phase, which will help many in the future to ensure their messages are safe from any attack and from the eyes of those operating the service like Facebook or Apple.

The thing to keep in mind is that to enable it, you need to remove the backup feature on the device. Users may not like this but back it up whatsapp having end-to-end encryption means all data is very secure.

The medium has already shown how this procedure is performed, namely through a very specific route of the application configuration. Is the following:

iPhone Settings
Click on your name
Go to iCloud
Under Manage Storage, go to Backup
Turn of whatsapp

After that, the application itself is responsible for carrying out the relevant procedures so that your messages are safely stored and, if necessary, reinstall them on your device if you lose them at any time. It remains only to know when this improvement in the final version will arrive in the application.

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