WhatsApp Beta Reveals New Encryption Details For Backups

whatsapp has been working for some time to bring end-to-end encryption to cloud backups. The latest beta version of the messenger for Android brings new information about how the mechanism will work, yet without a release date, as WABetaInfo shows this Tuesday (8).

According to the publication, the messaging app gives the user a chance to view the hexadecimal encryption key used to protect their backup files so that they can annotate them. With the feature, which already protects messages and makes them visible only to those involved in the conversation, the risk of unauthorized access to information and media is reduced.

As the screenshot of the specialized website shows (see below), the key that protects the backup from third-party access will contain a large number of characters. The passcode consists of numbers and lowercase letters between “a” and “f”, according to the reminder displayed by whatsapp self.

The message also serves to tell the user to avoid the letter “O” instead of the number “0”, a common confusion when providing the code to access files. The novelty appeared in version of whatsapp beta for Android, the most recent version.

Improve data security

With the future advent of end-to-end encryption for whatsapp backups, files stored on Google Drive and iCloud get an extra layer of protection thanks to the hexadecimal key. The password is only viewed by the user and is not shared with the messenger or Facebook, Google or Apple.

There is no set date yet when the new thing will be released in the stable version of the app. Remember that in addition to Google’s operating system, it should also be available in the messenger app for iOS.

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