WhatsApp facilitates space management in new update

WhatsApp facilitates space management in new update

This Monday (2) WhatsApp announced its new space management tool for its Android and iOS application. The new feature, presented in a video on the company’s YouTube channel, makes it easier to identify, review and delete large amounts of files.

The novelty was expected since August of this year due to some leaks in the installation files of the test version of the application, but it should come to users soon.

The tool makes it possible to view the files to be deleted much more easily, arrange them in ascending or descending order of size – which makes identifying large files much easier – as well as preview the file to be deleted before the action is taken. confirmed.

For users who demand even more functionality, there is still a way to choose between deleting only large files or files that are often shared and end up taking up a lot of space. The new WhatsApp update is expected to officially arrive in the coming days for all supported Android and iOS devices.


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