WhatsApp Gold: Find out about new features in this version

Have you used WhatsApp Gold? Here we tell you the features that this version of the instant messaging application offers you

After the great popularity of WhatsApp, a popular and instant social networking application, some users have encountered major difficulties in using certain features that are not present in the official version of WhatsApp.

Therefore, modified versions of this version appeared, which were very popular and widely used by people.

Chief among them is the WhatsApp Gold application, and thanks to its features that distinguish it from other modified versions, it has been installed by more than 50 million people around the world.

Its ease of use and unique features not found in other versions of WhatsApp Gold made it a popular app among users.

WhatsApp Gold Features

Here at Somagnews we tell you the most important features of the WhatsApp Gold application:

This application is easy to use, so you can send photos, videos, text messages and documents in your private chats, as a group or as an individual.

In WhatsApp Gold, you can hide the appearance time if you don’t want anyone to know when you were last active.

Users can also change the labels of text messages in chats so that you can read and receive these messages without the sender knowing.

The Stories feature also allows you to set the hidden time with a predefined date and time.
In the WhatsApp Gold application, you can also hide multimedia messages from photos and videos, and save your conversations in a zip file and view it whenever you want.

With the WhatsApp Gold application and the functions available for all smart devices (iPhone and Android), you can send and exchange multimedia files such as images, videos and audio files with more than 200 users.

Use the WhatsApp Gold app to take advantage of the call waiting feature, so instead of ending your current call, you can wait for another incoming call to be answered.

By using the special feature of WhatsApp Gold, you can see all deleted messages sent by the sender at any time. WhatsApp Gold’s unique feature allows you to select multiple groups and message them.

The developers of the WhatsApp Gold application have added new features to the latest updated version, in particular:

Now you can block all private chats from your conversations and password protect them in this app.

It also added the dark mode feature to keep the eyes away from the sharpness of the light so that the app reduces the intensity of the lights.

It also added several new stickers and emojis that explain the user’s words and reveal their psychological state.

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