WhatsApp: How to know when you sent a message?

WhatsApp: How to know when you sent a message?

There is an easy way to know what WhatsApp messages you sent and what date of the year it was, if you are interested, here we tell you the details.

Like every day, Somagnews has for you what are the new updated features of the application, and what are the tricks to make the app have a better feature suitable for any app.

Moreover, knowing that WhatsApp is one of the most used every day applications, it is likely that it is difficult to search for a specific message within a conversation or multiple conversations.

You can receive and send hundreds or thousands of messages in one day, depending on the degree of dependence you have on the app. Knowing this, we present a trick to locate a special message.

Search for specific messages on WhatsApp

First of all, the instant messaging application par excellence has some unfamiliar features to many of its users. You may not know, but WhatsApp will let you know which of your contacts you interact with the most.

And it is that the WhatsApp feature lets you know which of your contacts you talk to the most. Moreover, it also allows you to have who you send more photos and videos with, and to know which of your contacts you interact with more.

Open WhatsApp
Settings menu
Storage and data
Storage management. (The contacts are displayed according to the saved information)
When you select a particular contact, the app will show you the statistics generated between their interactions: how many files, text messages, documents and others. The amount of storage space used is also displayed.

External Tools and WhatsApp Activity

Year, is a web tool that allows you to know your activity on WhatsApp all year round. You can access Year from your mobile browser or from any device. Plus it is quite easy to use.

It shows you by means of a graph how the use of the instant messaging application has been over the past year. It does it very simply by showing you when messages were sent and received and in what ratio. The idea of ​​this is to see in a fairly simple way which months you have been most active.

To access the Year web tool and see your year graph from your messaging app, you need to open the Year chat website and scan the QR code. Just as if it were a new login, you will be logged in to the instant messaging application on the Internet.

WhatsApp conversation tools

You might be surprised how many WhatsApp messages you send on a daily basis, but with these tools you will know how many messages are sent, who is talking the most, or what time the messages are sent. All you need is to export the conversation that interests you in a text file.

Chat analysis program WhatsApp

This is one of the tools to analyze WhatsApp conversations. This is open source software. And what you need to do to use it is export the conversation you want to analyze to a text file on your computer. After that, you can use it.


This online tool provides help in analyzing your WhatsApp conversations. It is very easy to use. You just need to export the conversation text file and upload it to this service. Then you will see the options to extract data and statistics.

It shows you the most active time of the day, the daily average, the total number of messages sent or how many people left the group. In fact, you can also download the results in an image in PNG format.


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