Whatsapp: How To Recover Deleted Conversations And View Deleted Messages

whatsapp: It was a lot to beg until it finally arrived, but the function of being able to delete messages within a whatsapp chat or group could not be more useful, since it helps us to prevent someone from reading a message that we have sent them by mistake. In this way, if we delete the message before the recipient or recipients read it, we will prevent them from reading it.

The bad thing is that, unlike others like Telegram, there are certain conditions to delete the message, and if it takes too long, we can only delete it in our chat, since the other contact or group will still be able to read it. But the funny thing is that there are ways to recover deleted messages on whatsapp. The truth is that these types of functions are usually a good claim to distribute viruses or malware, but the methods that we are going to show below work perfectly.

How to view deleted WhatsApp messages?

There are 3 different ways to recover the text of messages deleted by our interlocutor in a whatsapp conversation:

Install specific apps to view deleted whatsapp messages
Access the whatsapp notification log or use the app widget
Use the Web whatsapp version with the WA Web Plus for whatsapp extension

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