WhatsApp is testing a new feature!

whatsapp continues to test for a new feature. What will the new update bring to Android users?

Popular messaging app whatsapp working on a new feature. After the hours-long collapse of Facebook and its platforms last week, many people have joined Telegram. Thus, the rivalry between the two messaging apps has flared up again.

However, news keeps coming that whatsapp working on new features. Finally, today the platform released a new update through the Google Play beta program. These are the new features…

WhatsApp improves backup function

With the new update released in the Google Play beta program, whatsapp has increased its version to With this update, the backup function has been improved.

WhatsApp is testing a new feature! 1

whatsapp had activated end-to-end encrypted backups with the beta update. Finally, today it releases beta version which provides encrypted backup for more beta testers. Also, the platform is working on a new partition where users can manage the backup size.

The backup size feature allows users to exclude certain media from being included in the next backup. However, the feature is in development and will be released in a future update. We don’t know the release date yet.

WhatsApp is testing a new feature! 2
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However, there may be another reason why: whatsapp developed this feature. Because whatsapp backups are not included in the Google Drive storage quota due to the similarity between the messaging platform and Google. However, Google will stop offering unlimited storage for: WhatsApps back up and switch to a limited plan (2000 MB per user).

Also, this new plan has not yet been announced and everything could change in the coming weeks. But in the end it looks like this will be the new way of storing WhatsApp backups on Google Drive. Meanwhile, Google Photos had stopped offering unlimited storage a few months ago.

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