Whatsapp Is Working On A New Voicemail Feature

whatsapp tries to attract users again after the imposition of the contract. Corresponding, whatsapp is working on a new voicemail feature.

whatsapp has begun testing a new voicemail feature for iOS users. Android tests of this feature, which isn’t even in beta yet, are expected to come out very soon. With this new voicemail feature whatsapp gets a more user-oriented design.

What does WhatsApp’s new voicemail feature offer?

Currently only screenshots are shared and the feature allows voice messages to be listened to outside of chat. As you know, voice messages on whatsapp can only be listened to in chat. The application allows voice messages to be played outside the chat using a sort of voicemail player.

This way, users can listen to voice messages on the chats main page without opening the chat. It is also possible to continue the conversation after you start playing this message, according to the first leaks. In short, whatsapp develops a kind of audio media player.

More details for the Play WhatsApp voice message function has not yet emerged. One of the curious details is whether the voice message in the chats is the last message sent. It is a matter of curiosity whether the user gets a choice here.

Whatsapp Is Working On A New Voicemail Feature 1WhatsApp and the new voicemail feature it tried

The chat application has finally offered new improvements for the disappearing messages it has collected from Telegram. With this innovation offered to beta users, it is now possible to assign a timer to disappearing messages.

whatsapp also recently presented the chat bubble design that it brought to the Android side to iOS beta users. This new design is coming to all iPhone models soon.

whatsapp has introduced features in recent weeks that make it easy to transfer data between iOS and Android phones. Accordingly, the platform, which first paved the way for data transfer between iOS and Android, later started to enable iOS transfer from Android.

One of the biggest challenges for the chat application is the search function in the chat. Especially when you do an old fashioned search, the application finds the chat based on words only. Among the recently tried whatsapp features also appeared on date based search.

whatsapp recently introduced how to open whatsapp Web from a PC without the phone users are most concerned about. Again, the application tries to provide multi-device support on the iOS side. This support is expected to come on the Android side as well.

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