WhatsApp Launches Reactions To Messages In Beta; Check Out

whatsapp has started releasing the feature to react to messages with emojis. The novelty debuts in version of the messaging application after about seven months since the discovery of its development, as reported by WABetaInfo. It is worth mentioning that the update is available for a limited number of beta users.

With the new version, whatsapp users can react to messages with six different emojis. They are: like, red heart (loved it), “crying with laughter”, surprised, sad and “grateful” (with both hands together). To add a reaction, the user needs to tap and hold the finger for a short time, and then the emojis are displayed.

When a reaction is made to a message, users can also check the amount received. In January, another update in the beta version of whatsapp started to show, in the notifications settings menu, quotes to the feature that was not yet available.

Still no date set

As this is an update for a select group of users of the beta version, it is likely that the final release is near, but it has not yet been confirmed. Therefore, there is no specific date for the novelty to be landed for Android and iOS users. The company has also not confirmed, so far, when emojis will arrive in desktop applications and the web version of the messenger.

More recently, the application has suffered complaints from users regarding the efficiency of the new web and PC version, which does not depend on a constant connection to a smartphone. An update is planned to fix such bugs and bring improvements to multiple devices, login and message synchronization and organization.

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