WhatsApp Web: Reading messages without opening chat

WhatsApp Web: Reading messages without opening chat

Reading messages without being discovered has never been easier! WhatsApp Web allows you to go unnoticed.

WhatsApp brings new and immense features to its users, with these features in the web version, users get a better and fun chat experience.

Although the app is becoming one of the most used apps in the world, its creators keep adding special features not only for the mobile version but also for WhatsApp Web.

In La Verdad Noticias we tell you about a special feature of WhatsApp Web, so that you can read the messages without opening the chat. That is, if you don’t want the sender to know you read the message, you can apply this great trick.

WhatsApp Web and its messaging tricks

To do this, you must first connect WhatsApp to the internet from your mobile. To do this, open WhatsApp on the phone and click on the three dots on the side.

Now you have the option of WhatsApp Web. Now scan the QR code on WhatsApp Web from mobile. After that, your WhatsApp account will be opened on the desktop.

If WhatsApp Web is open and you have messages, hover over that chat. After that, the full message will be displayed and you can read the message without opening the chat.

This way, the sender of the message will not even know and you can read the chat without any problems.

A lot of times we want to read the post, but we don’t want to show anyone we’ve seen it, so this is a really useful feature for these people.

Apart from this, many features have been added recently, from WhatsApp to Autodilite to WhatsApp Payment and new wallpapers. This has made it very easy for users to chat.


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