WhatsApp Web: start talking to unsaved numbers

You can chat with people who are not on your contact list via WhatsApp Web. Find out below!

WhatsApp Web is one of the most practical ways to use the messaging app on your computer as it recently got support for the dark theme. In turn, if you are browsing the Internet or chatting with people, it is not uncommon to want to start a conversation with a number that is not stored on your cell phone.

Luckily, to avoid having to pick up your phone and add a contact to your list, there are some methods to start these conversations in a more practical way. Here at Somagnews, we then show you how to start a conversation on WhatsApp Web with a contact who is not on your list.

Send messages to people you haven’t added

Initiate conversations with contacts outside your list on WhatsApp Web – Official method

The easiest method to start such a conversation does not require installing anything in your browser. The whole process is officially done with a “link” from WhatsApp itself. Checking out:

Open WhatsApp Web normally and log in when you scan the QR code;

Now, as the image below suggests, use this address as follows: https://wa.me/PhoneNumber;

On the loaded page, click on “Continue Chatting”;

Then click on “WhatsApp Web” and wait for the chat screen to load. If you are using WhatsApp Desktop on your computer, it will open automatically in this step.

Starting conversations with contacts outside your list on WhatsApp Web – Unofficial method

If you prefer a more visual method of starting such a conversation in the WhatsApp application, a Google Chrome plugin can help a lot as it only needs to be configured once. Watch how:

Visit the WA Web Plus plugin page for WhatsApp in Google Chrome;
On the loaded page, click on “Use in Chrome”;

In the message that appears, click on “Add extension”;

Then go to WhatsApp Web normally;

Next to the Chrome address bar, click the icon of the extension you just installed. If the icon is not showing, make sure it is not in Chrome’s extension management menu.

On the opened page, under “Personalization”, tick the button “Allow initiating conversations with non-contacts”;

Now click on the button next to your profile picture to add a contact person;

Enter the desired mobile phone number and click “Chat”.

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