WhatsApp Web: These are the new updates and features

WhatsApp is always improving for its users! Now add more security features for web and desktop versions.

WhatsApp, Facebook’s messaging app, has released a new update for its version of Android: update, WABetainfo said.

“The web versions contain all the bug fixes implemented in the previous beta versions submitted to the Play Store. It’s like a launch candidate, a final beta, ”he said.

“If you’re a beta tester, don’t update to as it’s a compilation reserved for everyone,” WABetainfo said.

“If you’re not a beta tester and want to know if there’s anything new in the update, check out the Android page,” he said.

You can also download the latest web version for Android from the official WhatsApp website.

WhatsApp Web with more security

Messaging giant WhatsApp said on Thursday that it is bringing “more security” to the web and desktop versions of WhatsApp and adding an extra layer of protection for users who link their WhatsApp accounts to computers.

“To do this, we use face or fingerprint unlocking where available in the mobile phone’s operating system. To link WhatsApp Web or Desktop to your WhatsApp account, ”they say.

“You must now use your fingerprint or face unlock on your phone before scanning a QR code from the phone to pair your device,” the company said, adding that the move limits the possibility of a ‘partner from home’. or ‘office buddy’ can link devices to users’ WhatsApp account without their knowledge.

WhatsApp said the move builds on existing security measures, which show a prompt on users’ phones whenever a web or desktop login occurs, and the ability to unpair devices from their phones at any time. moment.

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