When Is Summer Solstice 2020 Here You Know About the Trend

When Is Summer Solstice 2020 Here You Know About the Trend

June 21 is known as the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, marking the beginning of summer. It occurs when one of the earth’s masts is tilted to the sun. This usually happens twice a year, both on the different hemispheres. While June 21 is the day for Summer Solstice, December 22 marks the day for Winter Solstice.

Solstice is in fact derived from a Latin word, where “Sol” means “Sun” and “Sistere” means “stand still”.

This year is something very special about the summer solstice or we could call it a coincidence. The solstice will coincide with the solar eclipse, also known as the Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse. We will see this solar eclipse from India and the path starts around 10:12 AM from Rajasthan.

The solar eclipse timing is between 9:56 AM and 2:29 PM, as reported by the Planetary Society, India in a press release.

The sun will disappear in the afternoon and at that time it will be in its highest position in the sky. You can experience the solar eclipse you are staying in Gandhi Nagar, Ujjain, Dehradun and from other places mainly around Tropic of Cancer will see the small parts of it.
This day is for the maximum duration of daylight, the sun rises at 05:23:47 and sets at 19:21:59. This adds up to a total of 13:59:12 and people will enjoy a very long period of daylight.

The government has issued many guidelines for the general public to view the eclipse. They called, without sunglasses, glasses, lamp black, exposed X-rays over a glass. These things are not considered safe. Also, it is not recommended to view the image of the sun on the water surface.

Speaking of summer solstice, this day is also considered a very important day of the year and in some cultures they celebrate festivals on this day. Coincidentally, this day also clashes with International Day of Yoga, Father’s Day and World Music Day.
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