When is the next Downing Street review of coronavirus restrictions? What we can expect from the announcement

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced no further coronavirus restrictions yesterday as England ushered in a new year with fewer curbs than other decentralized nations.

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However, government officials confirmed that Plan B’s measures – indoor face masks, working from home and using Covid passports for some large venues – would remain in England after ministers met in a cabinet meeting, admitting that the next few weeks would be “very challenging” for healthcare.

You may be wondering when the next Covid-19 restriction review will take place on Downing Street and what we can expect from further announcements? This is what we know.

When is the next downing street coronavirus restrictions review?

The next coronavirus restriction review must be done either on or before Wednesday, January 26, 2022.

However, it is likely that by then we will hear of either tightening or easing of restrictions. The Plan B measures introduced in December could be deleted, weakened or strengthened depending on the number of cases.

It comes as Boris Johnson prepared, today (Wednesday, Jan.

But Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer was not there. Instead, he was replaced by his deputy Angela Rayner after testing positive for the coronavirus for the second time.

Upon completion of the PMQs, the Prime Minister issued a statement to the House of Commons on the latest developments on the coronavirus.

Discussing the new rules for lateral flow and PCR testing for people without symptoms, he said the UK has the largest testing program in Europe with many more tests than France or Germany.

He later confirmed that if they are fully vaccinated, travelers and vacationers to England no longer need a pre-departure Covid-19 test, but still need to have a lateral flow test within 48 hours of their arrival.

Following the government cabinet meeting on Wednesday January 5th, Downing Street said in a statement, “The Prime Minister said the UK’s balanced approach, along with new evidence that Omicron is less strict than Delta, means it is right Measures to uphold Plan B, with one more review before the regulations expire on January 26th.

“The Prime Minister said the government will continue to provide the NHS with all the support it needs to continue to deal with the pressures it is under.

“Cabinet endorsed this approach and expressed its gratitude and appreciation for the incredible efforts of NHS staff to once again rise to the challenge of the global pandemic.”


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