When should you stop wearing your poppy after Remembrance Day?

During this commemoration period, people across the country will wear a red poppy to show their respect for service personnel killed on duty.

At this time of year, red poppies can be seen almost everywhere – on people’s lapels, on the sides of passing buses, in front of houses, and in many other places.

But some of us are unsure when to start and then stop wearing them.

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When should you stop wearing poppies after Remembrance Day?

the Royal British Legion says there is no specific date people should stop wearing their poppies after Remembrance Day.

Its official position is that individuals can wear their poppies at any time of the year whenever they feel like it.

However, most people stop buying their poppies after Armistice Day – which was on Nov.

When do people start wearing poppies?

Again, there is no hard and fast rule when people should start wearing their poppies for the commemoration period.

But many consider it inappropriate to wear them until October 31st – 11 days before Armistice Day.

World One officially ended at 11am on November 11th – the eleventh day of the eleventh month – in 1918. This association with the number 11 is why so many wear their poppies 11 days before Armistice Day.

However, there are other people who don’t wear their poppies until after Bonfire Night on November 5th.

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