When the 1921 census will available on Ancestry – and when the Scottish Census for 1921 will be published

The 1921 census results were first made available to the public and reveal more about everyday life in England and Wales after the First World War.

The 1921 census, which contains the details of nearly 38 million people across England and Wales, is now available on the family history website Findmypast.

But many people have wondered – why isn’t the 1921 census going on too? ancestry, and when will it appear on the website?

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Why isn’t the Ancestry 1921 Census taking place?

The 1921 census records in England and Wales are not currently available on Ancestry as the National Archives have an exclusive contract with them. signed Findmypast .

Findmypast researchers spent three years studying and digitizing the results of the 1921 census, which was comprised of 28,000 physical volumes.

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The 1921 census display on Findmypast costs £ 3.50 for each original image and £ 2.50 for each recording.

Findmypast subscribers get a 10% discount on all 1921 Census purchases.

When will the 1921 census be published on Ancestry?

It is not yet known when or if the 1921 census will eventually be published on Ancestry. It may take some time, given the National Archives’ exclusive contract with Findmypast.

Ancestry said on Twitter last March that it was hoping “to have all of our members access it asap,” but has not yet given a specific timeframe.

The findings of the Scottish Census 1921 will be published via ScotlandPeople, the official archives site of the Scottish Government, in the second half of this year.

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