When was the last white Christmas?

It is the Christmas dream to wake up on the big day while the snow is falling outside, the stockings are opened and mulled wine is sipped.

The romanticized states are eagerly awaited every year, but when children open their curtains on December 25th, they are often disappointed.

According to Met Office, they will proclaim a white Christmas when a single snowflake falls at one of their observation stations in the UK on July 25th.

Snow doesn’t even have to settle on the ground; a single flake is enough at one of the 270 observation stations.

Previously, the Met Office officially declared a White Christmas when snow fell on its London office building.

When was the last white Christmas?

The last white Christmas was 2020 when six percent of the weather stations registered the snowfall. However, only four percent of the stations reported that there was snow on the ground.

In 2018 or 2019 there was no snowfall at any station.

The last widespread Christmas celebration was in 2010 when 83 percent of the weather stations registered snow on the ground. This is extremely unusual, was fully booked with days of travel disruptions and was the coldest Christmas ever recorded in the UK.

Although the man-made climate crisis has made extreme weather conditions like snowstorms more common, the rise in temperature on earth means a white Christmas is less likely.

First popularized by Charles Dickens’ writing in The Pickwick Papers (1836) A Christmas song (1843), inspired by his childhood memories, his snowy Christmas coincided with the coldest decade in England in more than a century.


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