When will Prodigal Son Season 2: Release Date? Who Is In The Cast Of Season 2?

When will Prodigal Son Season 2: Release Date? Who Is In The Cast Of Season 2?

Prodigal Son Season 2: If you want to see dark and crime puzzles then this collection is the ideal game for you. The prodigal son comes back with his next season to rock the ground. The intriguing storyline of this internet show manages to grab the attention of its fans.

It keeps the audience in sync with the ongoing mystery of the Internet collection, Prodigal Son. Read below for more details from the release date to the cast and the story of this exciting new web collection.

When is Prodigal Son season 2 release date coming?

Season 1 was first broadcast in September 2019 on FOX. The show’s second season was recently extended from the production group in May 2020. An official announcement has not been made by the production though.

However, the next season of Prodigal Son is expected to be released on FOX by the end of the year or early 2021. as of the scheduled release date.

Who is on the Prodigal Son season 2 cast list?

Season 1 protagonists are expected to return to the screen and continue their roles for Year 2. The list includes:

  • Tom Payne as Malcolm Bright
  • Michael Sheen as the serial killer, Martin Whitly
  • Bellamy Young as Jessica
  • Halson Sage as Ainsely

Prodigal Son Season 2, plot

The storyline centers around this show’s male protagonist, Malcolm Bright whose father Martin Whitly is a serial killer. As a youth, Malcolm was the only means of proving his father guilty of his crimes. Ultimately, Malcolm Bright combines the NYPD as a criminal profile to re-solve the mystery. He does this to learn more about the facts about his father and the crime.

As of now, there’s no idea what’s going to happen in Season 2. But the new season is definitely worth binge-watching.


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