When will the 1921 census be released – and what'll be in it?

When the 1921 census is published next year, people will be able to immerse themselves in a treasure trove of information about the lives and work of their ancestors.

After World War I and the Spanish flu – which killed 50 million people worldwide – the census recorded around 38 million people in England and Wales.

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Experts say that the full publication of the 1921 census will give us a deeper insight into how we deal with the political and social turmoil of the immediate post-war era.

What will the 1921 census show?

The 1921 census is more detailed than any previous one because it includes information on respondents’ working lives and whether they were in full-time education.

Their names, age, place of birth, and details of other people living in their household at the time, including their relationship with the head of the household, were also recorded.

The census also shows the impact of World War I on children, of whom 730,000 were listed as “father dead” and 260,000 as “mother dead”.

In addition, the respondents were given the opportunity to declare themselves divorced for the first time.

Researchers at the National Archives and the genealogy website Findmypast spent three years digitizing 30,000 documents saved as part of the 1921 census.

When will the 1921 census be published?

The 1921 census will be published on January 6, 2022 Findmypast.

“We can’t wait to help people discover their ancestors, uncover the history of their home, or reveal the secrets hidden on these pages when the 100-year rule is lifted,” said Mary McKee, Head of Content Publishing Operations at Findmypast.

The 1920 Census Act mandated that the census results must be kept secret for 100 years, which is why the details of the 1921 census are only now being made public.

Although censuses have been conducted every 10 years since 1801, the 1931 census results were lost in a fire in 1942, while the 1941 census was never conducted due to World War II.

Therefore, the next census results will not be published until 2052.

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