Home World News When you are being told to wear a face mask

When you are being told to wear a face mask

When you are being told to wear a face mask

There are people in England now advised by the government to wear facewear if they are in enclosed spaces where social distance is difficult to track.

This includes public transport and shops that lack the space to be at least two meters away from other people at all times.

The government’s council declares that the public should wear facewear and distinguishes between these and medical face masks, the latter of which are scarce and required by health personnel as personal protective equipment.

Instead, people are encouraged to use a scarf to cover their face or to make their own mask out of materials at home.

What should people do to cover their face and how can they stay safe?

The claim

As the public is urged not to buy surgical masks or special respirators that are required for PSA care Many people have to make their own .

If you have a scarf or headscarf that fits over your mouth and nose, this is enough as a face covering, otherwise it’s time to cut and sew.

A number of tutorials have surfaced online. also on the government website to show people how to make a mask from old clothes and fashion ties so that it fits over the face. It has to be firm enough to fit over the face without causing breathing problems.

Official advice for those who need to wear facewear is that they should wash their hands before and after wearing. The cover must be washed regularly with a detergent at 60 ° C to protect it from germs that could settle on it.

The purpose of covering your face is not to protect you from the coronavirus, but to protect others from intercepting Covid-19.

Many cases of the virus are asymptomatic and people could spread the virus without knowing it. A face covering helps to limit a person’s ability to spread the virus to others.

The counterclaim

You don’t have to wear a face cover when you go outside or on your way to your daily exercise, only if your trip takes you somewhere inside where social distancing will be difficult.

Guidelines state that children under the age of two should not wear facewear and that people who may have difficulty breathing should not wear a mask, e.g. B. People with respiratory diseases or unsupervised toddlers.

If you are traveling by public transport or going shopping, you should now wear a face mask because you are in an enclosed space where you cannot be sure that you can always be socially distant.

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Scotland and Northern Ireland already advised people to wear face covers. Wales doesn’t recommend wearing facewear yet.

It doesn’t protect as much as a medical mask, but if you’re in an indoor area where social distancing isn’t possible, some kind of face covering is better than nothing. Any action that limits the spread of Covid-19 could potentially save a life.

The facts

Keep in mind that face coverings are recommended rather than medical masks, which are in short supply and are urgently needed by the staff at the front.

Wearing a face cover is not a license to break social distance. The two-meter rule should be followed as much as possible.

Faces don’t protect you from the corona virus by other members of the public. It is not a medical device. It serves to protect others rather than yourself.

Regardless of whether you think you have the virus or not, you should wear a face cover when traveling by public transport or in shops. You may be asymptomatic and able to transmit coronavirus to others without realizing it.




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